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CFTRΔF508 Carrier & Specific Antibody Defiancy

Well Recived letter of lung doctor WHERE he accecpts am carrier of nasty cf mutation CFTRΔF508

Well then i got thinking DON''t CF mutation effect cells and sugars.

Dont get me wrong i luv sweeties wine gums and sports mix to name a few.

Then i got thhinking wile going threw bag of sports mix COULD cf CFTRΔF508 mutation cause be causing my antibody issues.

Heres what my lung doc say's : HIS streptococal deficency has recurred and therefore and as he as already had Pneumovax over 12 months ago he needs a Prevenar Vaccine and i have give him had writen letter for he's GP to arange.

From my understanding Streptococoal defiancy IS Specific Antibody Defiancy a immunty disease involing IGM antibodies.

But like CFTRΔF508 that effects sugars and cell walls FUNNY eh.

But am not laughing really AS Specific Antibody Defiancy as serious side as could be sign of Active Infection, Sepsis, Or Malignancy.

So it make you think did my cf healthy carrier statues and cellular suger stuff cause Specific Antibody Defiancy or SAD for short.

streptococcus 3905insT, CFTR

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You seem to have some answers then JAS. What can be done now l wonder? I do wish you well. Xxx

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Find way to grow new lungs :p

Might need more sports mix tho lol

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sassy59 in reply to

Lol xxx

Too complicated for me Jeff but I get the gist. Unfortunately, finding out this stuff isn't altering the treatment we get. I do hope that your persitence does result in an adjustment to your treatment. It is very interesting. Happy New Year Jeff and love to your Dad.

too complicated for me too I don't even know what auto immune suffiency is does it mean u catch everything going

best wishes to u and ur dad

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