An 18 mm soft tissue speculated nodule

I did a CT scan and I discovered an 18 mm soft tissue speculated nodule in go to GP who recommended a lungs cancer specialist in had an appointment he discovered on there 2 small nodule. I did pet scan and i get confused and worried about because was little radioactivity around my big nodule, doctor said it was very little radioactivity so he recommended to wait 3 month and repeat CT scan to see if nodule grow. Can anyone tell me what its? I have cancer? Doctor said he can't say forget about nodule is a tumour and is too big to no worried about. I am very worried about.

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  • Speculated nodule is like a star shape i think ... Guess your on antibiotics as will see if infection

    I would try not to worry about xray ct scan's or nodule

    Could be infection like i said but you will know more in 3 months

  • Thank you

  • I have 11mm nodule had pet scan not active so waited 3mths for next ct scan had that Nov nodule had not grown but saw a surgeon who has recommended me to have it surgically removed which will be done Jan. I know it is a worry but try not to ans wait till next scan and see what happens then. I wish you well and hope your next scan goes well . Keep me posted xx

  • Thx I try but is not easy and is worrying me that was a bit of radioactivity around. Why they will remove your nodule if is not an active one ?

  • Usually nodules are removed even if not suspect to stop it from growing or becoming something that is malignant if they are over a certain size. As jeff said it could be an infection so they may try antibiotics as they did with me at first. I had a growth the size of a golf ball removed this aug it was a fungal ball growth and mine lit up the PET scan they autopsied it and luckily it was aspergillus . Its easy for me to say dont worry as its new and worrying to you.l and i fully understand that, I've been there. Try to relax wait to see what comes next and enjoy christmas. Hope everything goes ok and take care.

  • I try harder but is not easy .

    Thank you

  • I know laura honestly i was in absolute bits when they told me i had a growth. You be suprised how much strength you can find in yourself i was. Good look and hope it goes well merry xmas.

  • Thank you I need a bit of reassurance, u need also , don't worry everything is going to be fine in January.

    Thx Merry Christmas xx

  • I have several small nodules which were discovered in scan in October and I am having another scan at the end of January. I have also had a bronchoscopy lavage (washing out the lungs) because the doctor thought the small mass is infection. Try to enjoy Christmas and be thankful you have a concerned and sensible doctor. God bless xx

  • Thank u

    Marry Xmas to u

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