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Thats conversation i had with my dads nurses WELL as some will know i don't agree with any of it and told nurse i will go mental if my dad is put on it.

The talked of good way to die BUT what about GOOD way to live TOLD em my dad as had SHIT care suffered neglect in hospital AND now the talking of liverpool care pathway.

Those who say dieing is great .. what to give it a try LET me know how the get on.

My dads going to die naturally not threw sepsis or neglect or poor care but by his disease NOW ant that bad enough.

Clearly Liverpool Care Pathway is not something i agree with ESPICLY as can have good death BUT cant have good life and suffer lossy care at hands of hospitals Gps ect

Not happing ......... > ever

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I do feel for you JAS and hoping your dad is going to be very peaceful without any Liverpool pathway pushing him along.

Thinking of you at this very difficult time. Xxxxx

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My dads happy now he survived the shocking care and sepsis THEY have been told.

Be no pathway he be home with those who care luv him when he dies

He got good bit yet BUT i nearly died when i heard that STILL got indegeston

Have to be vigilant but what the like TRY kill ya then when survive talk about stupid patheay


I know when my father had a stroke there were some difficult conversations that had to be held between the family and health staff.

But the family had the final decision......I thought that the Liverpool Pathway had been phased out though.

I have made my wishes known already, so has my husband.

I have been reading up on the LPW....and now realise it wasn't adopted in Wales where my father lived.

We were consulted all the way through.

Chilling reading though. Compassion in my view should come first before anything else .

I thought it had BUT it must not of AND must not be as public.

But i dont do closed doors


I don't do closed doors either Jeff and I agree with you. I am like knitter and a few more on here who thought it had been stopped as they were putting it into practice without families knowing about it. Such items as these should get into the national newspapers. The NHS appears to just go its own way at the moment with no direction from anywhere. I know we would do badly without it but it really does need to improve. Don't just keep throwing money at it; it needs more basic things corrected as well as money.

Take care and I hope things go better for you and your family.

I also thought the Liverpool pathway had been phased out.....It is I think an awful way to die.

I have let it be known, In my will, DNR with my GP, Hospital, Ambulance and family.I have just come out of a very bad time, refused to go to hospital as I do think the doctors, health officials could do the pathway....I would rather die in my own home.

I thank God my brother came from Manchester to look after me and stop the Doctors taking me to hospital.

Since I heard of it , it has stayed in my mind.

I hope Jas you get some peace of mind, God bless you and your family especially your Dad.


I can't imagine what they are talking about - the Liverpool Care Pathway was scrapped a while ago. It is a while ago now that my consultant said it was no longer.

Wishing you and your Dad well.


Nothing surprises me these days

From what me and my dad seen this no care and the don't practice what they preach.

I expect it will be patchy. There is such demand on beds - it's a concern. As someone who had 2 close relatives who died with no dignity whatsoever and because of the wrong medication being administered both had to go to post mortem and inquest. That was before the LCP, so I have litte condidence, especially in that particular hospital. There are many times I have seen them get it right at the end of life and althoiugh I am so glad for them, I am sad it didn't happen for my loved ones.


Sorry to hear of your experience pathways are all about burring mistakes in my opinion.

All the do is withdraw treatment and sedate them SO looks nice for us.

How would cancer patient feel at stage four when diagnosed with the cancer that doctors missed

If someone talked about pathway to them

Guess thats why its so cloak and dager.

Like the others, I thought the Liverpool Care Pathway had been discontinued a while ago...good job too. I know you will make sure that whatever you think is best for your dad will be done. You are a very loving son, Daz, and your dad is blessed. xxx

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Is disgrace WHAT go's on and in times off cuts

My dad might be old sick and dysfunctional.

BUT he's my dad and i luv him very much and he spent all is good years protecting me SO guess its my turn to repay protect him.


I'm sorry about whats happened with this Liverpool pathway thing the sooner u get ur dad home the better try not to blow a fuse an keep calm for ur health and ur dads

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Blowing fuse is nothing when dad had pneumonia and sepsis had security gaurd on ward given what i had said about if my dad died due to there neglect

Shocking thing was they would of let him die if i had not said out

Septic shock and seizures he was having BUT i think as he might be CF healthy carrier and he carries gene mutation that stops dehydration think that's why he survived sepsis

oh god sorry I didn't no about that I'm so sorry u an ur dad r going through this an hope hes out of that shitty hospital soonxxx

I was shocked given its post pre surgery ward .. I thought care infection control would been right up there.

Clearly i was wrong BUT since my complaints things have inproves

After slating the ward that my mum was previously on (they gave her an over dose and no one noticed) I have to say that the ward she is on now is brilliant. Mum is dying and close to the end but throughout they have included me and mum (although she is unresponsive) in all decisions made about her "treatment". We are able to request pain relief if we think she needs it and injections to help get rid of secretions which cause a problem with her breathing. I've been impressed by both the doctors and nurses who have listened to us and answered our questions and provided us with copious amounts of coffee.

She is slipping away from us now but is being treated with dignity and if they do anything to her they explain what they are going to do to her before they start. I'm sorry you are not getting the same kind of "experience" it's hard enough when your parents are ill without having to fight to get the right treatment. Take care x


So sorry diesel. I was in the same situation with my mum and I know how difficult it is. x

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I am with you on this.....its inhumane as l see and understand that. Better a lethal injection it would be kinder. Who thought that one up is deranged!

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Sending you a hug ,I hope your dads passing is peaceful when and where it may be ,hopefully with his loved ones by his side , thinking of you at this difficult tines,xx

Your dad's lucky to have you to fight for him Jeff. It's obvious he'll be much better taken care of at home with the family. All best wishes to all of you.

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Can someone explain the essential difference between the LPW and a hospice? I was shocked recently that a terminal cancer friend was discharged out of a hospice to go to a nursing home because she lived longer than expected. I just don't get that.

Hi claudine, my uncle had terminal cancer, was in a hospice at first but was transferred to a nursing home as he had lived longer than expected. This was a few years ago now .

I had no idea this could happen and I was quite shocked. They make the decision on expected time left and sometimes, surely, it's less than that and sometimes it's more.

I also heard of someone else who paid a lump-sum of £50,000 to look after him until he died, which was 5 months later.

I worry about their motives sometimes.

Hi claudine , the hospice my uncle was in was run by a charity.....I think the nursing home was a private one .

Surely it is euthenasia and is illeagle in this country?


My friends mom died some years ago she had cancer. She was in a hospice they put her on this I'm not sure if they told her husband but they never told her son my friend.

He has found this very difficult to live with and is still today very angry.

I feel very sad I was trained to save lives at any cost and feel life is valuable I do hope you get something sorted

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