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Somethings weird

Im 16. About a couple months ago, this weird thing in my throat happened. It was night time and i was watching vids on youtube. Suddenly, for about half a second, it felt like something in my throat closed up. It was quick but it still shocked me. I didnt mind it but then it wanted to happen again about 5 minutes later. I managed to stop it by forcing a cough. Then it was there the next day and i did the same thing with the cough. Then the day after that, the feeling went away. I thought i was fine but it came back a while later. This isnt happening often but its happened on and off. That sensation feels like its in my throat but near the base of my neck. Near my adams apple i would say. I wondered why it happens. I thought it was like pneumonia or something but i have no phlegm at all and i dont have trouble breathing otherwise. Anyone have an idea of what it could be?

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Good morning Ill-Ryder,

You sound anxious about what has happened so I think the best suggestion I can make is to go and see your doctor, tell him/her just what you have written down here and then it can be investigated. It may be just nothing, and the sooner it is checked out the better, and you can have peace of mind.

Let us know how you get on.


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