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I just turned 69, and I have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. In January of 2013, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, but it never progressed. My problems started around June of this year when I became very tired and easily short of breath. I was hospitalized in July with a lung infection, but not Mac. After hospitalization, I started haves difficulty coughing up mucus, and I have gone downhill since. The Dr. says my Celia is about gone, and I must be on oxygen when I sleep and,exercise

Can anyone offer any advice to me. I tried walking with O2 on pulse and still had problems. I did read about turmeric and black pepper. How much of each?

I appreciate any offers of help, and would love to hear others' stories.

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Hi. My husband has Ipf as well he has had it 2 years and like you it has not progressed as fast as his consultant thought it would. He was told he could stay well for 2-3 yrs and he could deteriorate after that. He sleeps a lot and coughs a lot but his inhalers has been changed to stronger ones so the cough is not so bad at the moment. He's to old for a transplant but there is other medication that he can take to slow it down. He's 71 and still goes in to work every day. I hope things improve for you. Best wishes xx


Hi Dogwood, sorry you're having a hard time. Re the turmeric and black pepper, here's a link from Trust Me Im a Doctor where they did a test on people using a teaspoon of turmeric a day. You'll see it helped with genes relating to cancer, depression and asthma. Black pepper isn't mentioned, but cooking it with fat was thought to possibly account for why eating it with food produced an improvement, whereas taking it as a capsule didnt.

I take 3/4 teaspoon a day though i think i'll put it up to 1, since reading this. I grind in 8-10 turns of the pepper grinder, taking both in my morning porridge which is of course bright yellow. I also put in a dessertspoon of coconut oil to give the fat content (as well as chopped nuts and goats yoghurt).

Ive had asthma since my 20s, now also copd and bronchiectasis and I tend to be highly suspicious of claims about alternative products so Ive no idea if this works or not - but Ive been abnormally well for 20 months now since starting it after a very severe bout of pneumonia in March last year so I will be carrying on. All my porridge ingredients are organic btw, expensive but then I don't drink, so its swings and roundabouts. :)

I think I also remember from the programme - not in this article - that they were testing for immune system improvements too, and there was no change there. But I'd still say you've nothing to lose by giving it a try. :)


Just being clear, I have recently got over a virus and needed a low dose of steroids, but it didnt make me very unwell and didnt progress to a chest infection. But it could be something entirely different that has been keeping me well.


Just want to welcome you to the forum Dogwood and to wish you well. It's not nice to feel poorly and breathless. There are lovely people on here who will be able to offer support and advice and l see you have had two replies already. Take care xxxxx


Hi Dogwood,

Turmeric, garlic, Mullein have proved well for me. I've come up from a 31% FVC to over 60% in about 3 years. My overnight O2 was down to 63%, and averaging 81% when diagnosed with late 3, bordering stage 4 bronchitis at age 55. I've reduced my overnight 3 liter O2 to 1.5 liter in the last 6 months and have 93-94% saturation overnight. I do not use supplemental O2 during the day and manage to stay between 89-93% during the work day, as long as I keep a mild pace. I can drive my O2 into the 60's with high exertions, but can fully recover within 2-3 minutes. Though low O2 can be uncomfortable, causing it for short rapid periods and breathing back the recovery has be very helpful to me as an exercise. I'd say use as much turmeric (or any herb/spice) as you can enjoy. Any herb you find workable is a good thing, and it can open up new food enjoyment too! You might upset your gut by taking on too much too fast, so ease in to it. Avoid pesticides/GMO/added chemicals and processed foods where possible. If you're a meat eater, insist it is raised on a good clean diet too! Chickens love bugs, so don't buy vegetarian fed chickens..if not just for the animals health. No sense in taxing yourself when you can avoid it. Mullein has no spice value, but young leaves mixed in with foods is doable, and it makes a nice green tea (3-4 times a day). You might try Nettle Leaf for a tea. My PF condition seems to be holding and not worsening, and I started Nettle teas for the fibrosis issue a couple years ago. Nebulizing small amounts of Lugol's iodine (7%) dilute 40 to 1 periodically when a cough develops, or diluted 3% H2O2 with 20 parts distilled water when any cold/flu seems to appear, has been a routine for me, but not a steady/daily thing. To each his own so why not try turmeric for starters.

Have a tea!


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