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Mitral Valve Regurgitation anyone??


Hello all, I've just turned 50 and have MCTD, raynauds, sjrogrens, asthma and mild COPD. Today I received a letter from my consultant saying my ECG showed this and she is arranging further investigations. Does anyone have any info or advice? I'm just so fatigued lately that trailing through Google is just too exhausting so would really appreciate any help. 😊 Bronagh

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It means a leaking valve Bronagh. You are certainly going through a lot and l hope you get all the support and help you need.

Do let us know how you get on. Xxx

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Thankyou Sassy, I suppose I should try and put it out of my head until I talk more to my Consultant, easier said than done though!


Best source of information.

Thanks Stone, I'll take a look.

Hi I might it's a mild chest infection which i had it as well makes you very teired out of breath heart beating more faster wheezing very flames and about the weight it's prediseilone which is the main problem but it does protect you it's all what decisions we make in life good 😊 or bad

Hi Foxy thanks for your reply, I looked up the info Stone recommended and it's actually a leaky valve in the heart resulting in the blood not getting properly pumped around the body. It's all a bit worrying but I'll try to put it out of my head till I see my Consultant.

I get cramp in my hands

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