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High peak flow, poor symptoms?

Sorry for so many posts, just very confused and so are my doctors. My peak flow seems to slightly actually improve when my 'asthma' symptoms kick in. What's going on?

Such symptoms include:

- Tight chest chest, jaw/throatand abdomen.

- Throat filled with mucus.

- Cannot breath too deeply or through nose much. Cannot feel 'cool' air going down throat.

- Vision loss/sweating

- Bradycardia

- Either breath holding leading to low SPO2 unless I force a breath, or short breaths (not hyperventilation)

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Sorry, I'm no expert, but maybe you could give the BLF nurses a ring and chat to them. Their number is under the red balloon at the top of the page. All the best, GreatGateway. M

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03000 030 555


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