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Hi this is not a complaint, just a feed back . The new layout for the daily news alert is refreshing however for those who have sight problems it is very difficult to read the light print at the bottom of each post . the small balloon on peoples picture is almost invisible to some of us, so we will now have to enblarge text on our own computer down in the bottom right hand corner.

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  • OOps should be enlarge not enblarge.

  • Katie please feed this back to HU via

  • Hi Katie yes it is isn't it? Obviously HU don't employ anyone unless they have perfect sight and don't appreciate most of us here are older and more prone to sight issues.

    I know it's not a complaint but why not mention it to HU? I am sure they would appreciate any feedback like this. x

  • Please feed this back to HU via

  • Hi Coughalot 2 , I have just sent an email to HU about it. Size and colour are relevent to people with eye defects. The pale blue on white is glary. So see what reply comes up. I recall having to do this with Age UK as there print was difficult for poor sight users, and they deal specifically with people over fifty.xx

  • Hi Coughalot 2 , I have just sent an email to HU about this not sure it explains the difficulty fully, but we shall see. xx

  • Hi Coughalot2, have just sent an email to HU but not sure it explains the difficulty very well, but see what happens. xx

  • Hi coughalot2 , have sent email to HU but not sure it explains the problem clearly but we shall see x

  • Well done Katie. Have you sent it 3 times? :) x

  • Probably as my computer went haywire when I tried to submit this morning , so hence the reason you got several similar replies to your reply if that makes any sense. Might have poor eyes but don't think my brains gone yet :) :) x

  • I agree, the avatars and grey strips are not easily visible.

  • Please feed this back to HU via

  • Thanks

  • Glad its not just me Azure that finds it difficult to see some of the post alerts.

  • Totally agree Katie xx

  • What I don't like about the new layout is the breaking up of words when it comes to the end of a line, I find this irritating but otherwise it's fine for me but I appreciate what others are saying about people with sight problems. Take carrde, Lizzy x

  • I really don't have a problem with the lay out and I wear glasses. Are you sure it has nothing to do with the devise you are using. I find the blue writing stands out

  • It is only since they changed the layout and size of certain things. It obviously is not my device as others are finding the same problem. The writing beside the avtar is too pale, and the red balloon and green pain concern logo is very small . Glasses should rectify certain sight problems but those of us whose sight is not rectified with glasses have different problems especially those with partial sight. HU should consider this when changing the layout or colours. Sorry but I come across this on many websites and do wear tinted glasses to reduce glare. The old layout was fine and the new picture idea on the daily digest is lovely.

  • Hopefully HU will do something about it Katie do you know you can get a program called Jaws it reads what is on the screen for people with sight problems. My dad is totally blind and and he wouldn't beable to use his mobile phone and laptop with out it

  • Thanks for that Nottobad will do some research but I am sure someone told me about that program in the past, not nesscessarily on this site.

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