Growing old with bronchiectasis

Growing old with bronchiectasis

You know, there are so many drugs out there now, when I was a child there was just penicillin, which I am allergic to. So, not being able to treat my childhood pneumonias and then whooping cough, produced bronchiectasis. You have to try and lead as normal a life as possible. Now that Christmas approached, I keep out of the party scene with all the coughs and colds about and we are all responsible for helping ourselves to keep as fit as possible. Eat good food and keep active.

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  • Great advice Banksy, and nice to meet you. Childhood measles + pneumonia caused mine. Thank goodness for all the medical research and advancement of the modern age eh?

  • Hi Hanne, Likewise, good to know you.

  • Dear Banksy70 what a superb photograph. Hanne62 is right,thank God for all the research nowadays to help us all with our illnesses. Be well.

  • You are very kind. Thank you. Kx

  • Thank you for posting, this gives a lot of us motivation to carry on looking after ourselves and hope to live a long life and look as good as you.

  • What a lovely photo and message. As someone who also has bronchiectasis it is uplifting to read a positive post especially so near Christmas. Thank you.

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