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Chest infections Asthma/bronchiectasis

Got yet another chest infection. Feeling incredibly fed up. I always end up seeing different doctors at my surgery, but they all keep advising me to have a week of work everytime I have a chest infection. If I had a week of work every time I'd be home more than I would be at work. I work in a nursery with 3/4 years old so time of isn't an option. Any ideas how to get over chest infections quicker??

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You need to ask you gp to do a sensitivity test if your consultant hasnt already got you to do one.....They can find out which antibiotic you respond to the best then they can give you the right one because you may not be clearing the infection up

Always put in a sputum test because often i think im getting a chest infection and i havnt its juts that i need a bit of time on my nebuliser ....Most of all make sure you clear your chest of as much mucus as possible...Us bronchiectasis sufferers have got to do this to avoid infection


If you are not being prescribed long term antibiotics perhaps you should have a word with your consultant or if you have no consultant then your gp. Also are you prescribed emergency antibiotics and steriods if not then perhaps you should be asking your copd nurse or your gp to prescribe them . So that when you feel an infection coming on you can immeadiatley start on the antibiotics nipping the infection in the bud early medication can make a whole lot of difference and you don't have to wait to see a doctor you just self medicate. I don't often post on here so I don't exactly know which illness you have but if you are having continuous infections perhaps a blood test for Alpha1 maybe a good idea. I was dx in 1999 after years of infections. Good luck.


hi pnewcombe I also am the same I had a specific culture test which showed I respond to amoxycillin but have long term azithromycin 3 times a week for Haemophillus Influenzae bug,I have an Acapella for clearance daily and suffer Bronchiectasis/copd and asthma.Hope this helps


Hi pnewcombe, you've had good advice from our members. You could also ring the BLF Helpline (03000 030 555) tomorrow and tell them your concerns. I'm sure their nurses will be able to advise you as to how best to fight these infections.

Best wishes, Annie


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