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Hi everyone, I hope your day is behaving itself!

I was here a couple of weeks ago introducing myself as possibly having COPD. I had a GP appointment this morning... Repeat chest X-ray is clear. Doc is wondering if I am post viral though I don't remember having any signs or symptoms of a chest virus. Peak flow is still below 300, I've been given Ventolin to be used x2 daily and after a bit of pushing on my part I'm to have Spirometry next Monday.... This has been going on for more than 2 months, hence my request for spirometer test. Thank you for reading this xx

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  • Oops, I forgot to say I am still very breathless and coughing often

  • Hello Madbird, sorry you're still coughing and breathless, but well done for insisting on having a spirometry test. It should give you the information you need. Meanwhile keep as well as you can.

    Sue x

  • 😊Hello again Sue and thank you. I'm a bit grumpy because I had to insist on my mind it's a pretty obvious next step. Will take a few breaths and calm down 😊

    Geri x

  • Always good to breathe, Geri. Let us know what happens.


  • Hope things work out well for you Madbird and you get good results. Thinking of you. Xxx

  • 😊Thank you sassy59, it's good to know people care xx

  • Oh they do Geri. Xx👍💋

  • 😊So I'm finding out. I come here to read and learn but don't say much...well not yet, lol..but I can see how much you all care. It's great to have so much first hand expertise at my fingertips and very comforting. 😊xx

  • Hi Geri, Im glad you're having spirometry since X-rays don't give much indication one way or the other about copd. Well done for insisting. Good luck with the test and let us know what happens. :)

  • Hi O2Trees ( great name!) and thank you. Spirometry is next week so I should know something then. Take care

    Geri xx

  • Good luck on your Spiro test x

  • 😊Thank you Titchy52 😊Xx

  • Hi there Madbird , nice to meet you! Like Watfordgirl ,@Sassy59,@O2Trees have already said, make sure you get the spirometry test done and go from there. Please keep us informed, won't you. Take care.

  • Hi SquirrelsHolt, it's nice to meet you too. Spirometry next Monday, will let you know how it goes. Thank you for commenting and you take care too 😊

  • Hi Madbird, so sorry that you're still struggling, but good on you girl for insisting on the spirometry test! Can't believe that any doctor worth their salt wouldn't suggest it themselves.

    Good luck with the test, and keep us posted.

    Take care.

    Pam XXX

  • Evening Pam 😊 Having spent many years working for the NHS, I don't give up easily. When they see me coming, I'm sure the docs groan, lol. Have a nice evening and take care.

    Geri xx

  • Hello great to hear you got an appointment, don't forget to ask for a copy for your own records/information.It's good to be proactive concerning our health 😀 good luck with your test, hope your results are good, huff.🌹 x

  • Hello again huff 😊. Thank you for the reminder, I probably would have forgotten to ask for a copy! I agree with being proactive. Gone are the days of "yes doctor, no doctor"...the days of my childhood. I'll be back soon. Take care.

    Geri xx

  • Good luck with the spirometer test. I will be very interested to hear how you get on. My xray showed hyperinflated lungs too and my GP diagnosed on that alone. I am having my spirometer test on the 14th December and dreading having the final diagnosis - I am so nervous. I don't feel as brave as a lot of these lovely people are on here. Keep us posted. Good Luck.

  • 😊Hi Moosemoose. Thank you for your good wishes, I'm sending lots to you too. I'm sorry you're feeling so nervous, it's a horrible feeling and doesn't help your situation does it.. Not knowing is worse than anything but knowledge makes us stronger, so hang in there and like me, read and learn from the lovely people here. After all, they're living with lung disease so why shouldn't we? Take care of yourself.

    Geri x

  • For the past year I have been breathless I have had so many tests which all came back clear , I was rushed in to hospital a few weeks back it was there they found I have Atrail fibrillation which is a heart condition which causes breathlessness ,I'm now on waferin and attending the hospital weekly ,just wondered if this could be your problem .

  • 😊Hi Ep. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I don't have AF. Aside from breathlessness I know the signs and symptoms and have none of them. I'm sorry you have it and hope you're receiving good care. It's a complicated problem but the treatment is much more sophisticated than it used to be. I wish you lots of luck for your journey and hope you progress well. You take care😊

    Geri x

  • Good luck with your tests Geri & welcome here. With that quick a spiro appointment I assume it's with the practice nurse?

  • 😊Hi soulsaver. Thank you for your welcome and good wishes. Apparently in my Surgery the spiros are done by a couple of the GPs.

  • Good luck on your tests next week Madbird

  • 😊Thank you Brianjen

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