Atypical cystic fibrosis mistaken for asthma or copd

In atypical CF, respiratory symptoms are often more mild and might not begin until adulthood but still include recurrent pneumonia, progressive obstruction possibly identified as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic sinusitis, or nasal polyposis

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  • Hi Jeff

    Very interesting reading at 7am on a Sunday Morning.

    I ploughed my way through the lot....l have my sensible, scientific hat on today....and l must made me think !!

    It seems to me, The Doctors in Canada are far superior to ours in the UK at linking symptoms that present as one illness, may in fact be caused by something entirely different....

    It Makes a change from the stock answer of you have smoked, that's why you have copd....although this is probably correct for most off us.

    But it's a heck of a long way to go for an appointment 😂

    Your GP should read this article, given your DNA profile results....

    Good luck.

    I am taking my sensible hat off now.... it's Sunday, and a beautiful sunny but cold morning here, so l am going out for a walk with my puppy Cisk 😂😂


  • Hi velvet55

    Defo agree uk doctors could learn a lot if only they looked hope you enjoyed your Sunday and sun :)

  • Morning JAS insist your GP reads the article. Doctors here should work with colleagues oversees as clearly they have more knowledge on this sort of thing.

    Looking at the bigger picture is the way forward. Xxxxxxx

  • Hi sassy is infuriating really things we have to do becouse they won't do there jobs proper .

    Am going to see my lung doctor December so will see what he as to say on matter issues

  • Hi Jeff. Yes I agree with Velvet, very interesting, especially, as I thought, the sweat test can prove negative. I am going to wait for my DNA results.

  • Hi Stillstanding yer I was reading artical and after geting over shock of how much our doctor are full of it.

    Did think of you with regard sweet test and stuff we talked about befour.

    Guess this lots on here been misdiagnosed or fobed off by there doctors.

  • I am sure that the fact that in the UK NHS doctors etc. are now forced to look at figures and results more than letting medicine be the governing factor. Once a diagnosis is made it can be ticked in a box and the world is a better place. But reality is so very differant!

  • Hi Offcuts so true talk about shoe horning suffers in shoe that dose not fit or suitable.

  • Very informative, thanks Daz. Have saved a copy. xx

  • Hi tee cheers thanks :)

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