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Hi I'm new to the forum. I had pneumonia about 8 years ago and it took me a very long time to recover, I had 3 months off work!

It was discovered that I had mild bronchiectasis- so that was the reason I got ill a lot during the winter!

The first winter I was retired; I had no symptoms but subsequent winters I have found I am getting more chest infections. I get my 'flu jab and this year the pneumonia jab too. Yet I have been ill all of October. Two courses of amoxicillin and a course of steroids and still not right.

Is this the same for others? What do you suggest? It really gets to me now and I panic about getting pneumonia as I was really ill when I had it.

Sorry for the long post.


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Hello & welcome Dickinson, great to have you join our forum. Sorry to hear you've been ill 😷 & hope you're beginning to feel a bit better.

Come & chat anytime 🌻

Thanks for the welcome Jessy11

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hi dickinson 1954. Welcome to the forum. There are quite a few of us with bronch on here. I have had it since I was three, sixty three years ago. Reading your post I am moved to ask you.

Have you seen a consultant who specialises in bronchiectasis?

Has a specialist consultant informed your GP how to treat you?

Many GPs confuse the treatment of bronch with COPD but they are different.

Steroids are not usually used in the treatment of bronchiectasis ( unless there is asthma as well)

We get various bacteria in our lungs and as Amoxicillin does not seem to be helping, your sputum probably needs testing and another, appropriate antibiotic used.

Have you had advice on emptying the gunk from your lungs every day? This helps to prevent the bacteria from multiplying and giving you exacerbations ( infections)

I hope that helps.

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dickinson1954 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your advice, I am going to see my doctor again today though he seems to be a steroid fan. I have asked to see a physio but nothing pursued so will ask again today.

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definitely think that you need to see a consultant as they can also arrange a physio. Don't take no for an answer.

Hello and welcome to our community. Stillstanding63 gives great advice from years of experience.

Welcome! Sorry to hear you have been so poorly.

Last winter I was unwell for months and had 4 months off work. I had 5 courses of antibiotics and 4 of steroids. Prior to that I hadn't been SO unwell for 4years.

The reason I am telling you this is it could just be that you are having a particularly bad bout at the moment . Doesn't mean you are going downhill or anything more sinister is going on.

I know it is difficult when you are so unwell and your imagination can run away with you.

Keep strong and take the time you need to get well again. Keep warm and rest until you are ready to get back to normality.

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dickinson1954 in reply to Bevvy

Thanks for the pos outlook.

Wishing you well Dickinson and a big welcome to you. Xxxxx

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Hi, I also have Bronchiectasis, (as well as Asbestosis, diagnosed in 2010.)

I have had, until this year, constant chest infections, summer and winter, with barely a week in between on most occasions, last year I never had a break at all, until middle of November when put on a combined dose of strong A/B's. but that only gave me break until the week before xmas. However I was told in September that I had the Bronchiectasis and put on A/B's 3 times a week. This year has been better, in that I've had a few less Infections ( although in the grip of my second Chest infection in 6 weeks at present) I feel it's down to two things for me, one, the 3 times a week A/B's and I was also given Sodium Chloride 7%, which I take each morning via my nebuliser, to help clear the mucus. I have come to regard them as something else I have to put up with along with my constant coughing etc. I do now have "Standby A/B's to take as soon as an infection starts ( although i have to phone either GP, or 111 now before I start. Hope you have more luck than I, and have lees trouble.

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dickinson1954 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear of your problems. Hope you get an ill free Christmas again.

Hi dickinson1954 and a very warm welcome to our friendly and informative community.

I don't have Bronchiectasis but I have seen my wife suffer with Pneumonia. She has had the Flu jab but I was told that there are different strains of Pneumonia and the jab only covers the most common strain. Whether that's correct I'm not sure. There are plenty of knowledgeable people on the forum who may be able to help with more information.

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum and make many new friends.

Stay well.


Thank you for your warm welcome

Welcome Dickinson,

I have bronchiectasis also. I think it's very helpful to have your sputum tested to make sure they're giving you the right antibiotic. Airway clearance has improved my symptoms too. I nebulize every day and have a vibrating vest.


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dickinson1954 in reply to tbeth

Thanks. My problem is my doctor is still seeing me as a bad asthma case as the chest clinic decided not to write me off as a bronch sufferer at the time 9 years ago though the clinictian said my CT scan showed the early stages of the condition.

I have bronchiectasis and like you my doctor kept telling me my constant chest infections were my asthma. It wasn't until I had pneumonia that I had c.t scan and diagnosed with bronchiectasis. A new doctor is at surgery now, she is a lot more caring.

Have you seen a specialist, they may well prescribe maintenance antibiotic which keeps infection at bay, also they should send you to physio to show you clearance techniques.

Keep your chin up, when your condition is managed properly you will feel better x x

I have asthma, COPD and bronchiectasis and, like you, have had pneumonia too. It is scary as it can come on so quickly, but if you have stand-by meds at home you may be able to zap it early. My infections invariably start on a Friday or Saturday! My consultant has given me forms so that I can take a sputum sample to the path lab over the weekend if necessary as he wants it tested every time before I start the antibiotics. This is current best practice, apparently.

I always try and see the doctor if my chest is bad during the week and then go by their advice. However, this is usually to start the steroid and the infection comes along a couple of days later!

From November until August, I had an infection every month and was beginning to think the worst. The consultant then put me on two weeks of antibiotics and steroids for each following infection and I am going longer in between and feeling much better.

There are a lot of things to help us but knowing about them is the thing! If you don't know what to ask for you just have to go along with what the medics suggest.

Have you asked about pulmonary rehab? I found it really helpful. It's a course of graded exercise and education about respiratory conditions. Very useful indeed so if you get a chance to go, take it! Don't be fobbed off if your doctor says you are not bad enough to be referred. The respiratory team will do their own assessment and decide if you can go or not. My doctor didn't know there was PR running locally and I found out at the Breatheasy group so took the info to him. He was pleased to have the info and glad that I was able to access it.

Keep your chin up! This may just be a blip and things may settle down again soon.

Yes pneumonia then a year or two later mild bronchiectasis and every year after that sick on and off for two months following my winter cold!

Thanks everyone for your helpful posts. I spent am at A & E today as I had another bad night. Managed to get an appointment for the chest clinic.


Noticed your from Manchester and just wondered if your under the Drs at salford royal?

Hi. I have been to the chest clinic at Salford royal but not on a regular basis Dawnsunny.

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