Hospitalised again darn it!

Been in Worcs Royal since Saturday with yet another chest infection. 3 in as many months. The main symptom is producing 4 x as much sputum than normal.Breathing suffers also untill gung is coughed up every 3 hours or so then I'm really not to bad.

Had a walk to Hospital front door yesterday which went well so hopeful of getting home soon.

As usual no internet connection and very poor phone signal here in the wild's of Worcester ha ha, Just taken a rare opportunity to make this post on BT open zone while its guard is down for some reason.

May not be able to post again till home but will hopefully be reading yours.

Look after yourselves, I believe its cold out there so stay warm and keep dodging those bugs. 😊.

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  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery......

  • Oh Tony, sorry to hear you are in hospital. Getting chillier outside now so you stay warm and feel better soon.

    Sending love and good wishes your way.

    Rock on Tony! Xxxxx🎸🎺🎸🎷

  • Hope you are soon home. Take care. x

  • Hope you feel much better soon.

  • Oh dear Tony, what a shame this has happened. Hope you will home again soon and able to let us know how you are getting on.

  • Hi Tony 🎸🎵🎸🎵

    What a pain having another are in the best place , to get treatment, so you can make a speedy recovery.

    🎧 Hope you have your music with you 🎧

    Get that gunk coughed up....and keep on rocking 🎸

    Get well soon

    Velvet xx😂

  • Hope you are getting the very best attention in hospital. Its hard work all that coughing. How is the food, hope its tempting for you. I am doing less in the garden now the weather is getting colder. My Tony planted the tulip bulbs I had bought, I will stay indoors and make a stew!

    Wishing you a quick recovery and back in the loving arms of your family. iris x

  • The last thing we want is chest infections Tony. Hope they get you sorted, and that you are back home asap, and hopefully no more chest infections. Take care my friend :-)

  • Sorry to hear you're back in hospital with another chest infection and lots of exhausting coughing. Nasty cold wind out here so you're in the best place until the antibiotics have got you back on your feet again.

    Be well. Sue x

  • Get well soon, Tony 💜

    Jude xx

  • Oh this is a bother for you tony, wishing you s speedy recovery and that you get home really soon💐

  • Get well soon Dall05.

  • Sorry to hear you are back in your holiday home, Tony...let's hope the walk to the front door was a hint! All the very best for a speedy recovery and return home. It's good to leave those nurses wanting more...but even better to be back with us. Tee xxx

  • Hi Tony, see you are eyeing up the exit ready to go home, hope that is what you will be doing very soon. Sending you all my good wishes.

    take care

    polly xx

  • I hope you are feeling better very soon Tony and back home where you belong Bev x

  • Hi Tony, So sorry to hear you are in hospital. I hope you get better soon & come back to us. I think a bit of rock will loosen you up. X

  • Here's hoping you will be better very soon & back home where you belong. They do say things happen in threes, so as you have reached your quota hopefully that is the last of the chest infections for a long time. xx

  • hello I hope u r not in to much pain when u cough it up get well soon its cold out

  • hope you get home soon and start to feel better take care

  • Get well soon x

  • I hope your soon well and back home dall05.

    I moan how the kids can't survive for five mins with the internet but, I must admit, I would be bored to tears without it now. Get well soon xx

  • That is rotten bad luck again Tony, keep spitting it out, and I hope you will soon be back at home with your family. Yes - chilly out, maybe you are in the warmest place .....for now.


  • So sorry to hear you have another infection Tony but glad to know it's being hammered in hospital. With all that extra gunk you could have been weeks and weeks at home, trying to get over it. By having it treated quickly and efficiently, you're limiting the damage to your lungs. I suppose. You're doing hard time on the hospital corridors, trying to get back on your feet. Don't overdo it and take best care of yourself

  • Sorry to hear your not well Tony, hope your soon back on you feet and feeling better xx Peg

  • Hope you feel better soon dall. love cx

  • So sorry to hear this Tony. Stay as fit as you can and don't lose the sense of humour. Love and hugs. xxx

  • Get out of there dall, come back here with the rest of us coffin lot !

  • Get well soon, hope its not long before your home x

  • Sorry to hear things are not going too well Tony, but heres to a speedy recovery for you.

  • Hi Tony sorry to hear you are back in hospital it's that time of year again wishing you a speedy recovery take care

  • Tony sorry to hear about your predicament, get better mate we need some of your inspiration, we in this part of the woods Australia are being battered with pollen ridden winds which is making our breathing worse, nevertheless we need you to keep us going ,

    by the way how is your father's garden going? Ciao for now Tony from downunder

  • i now want you feel like as i was in Hospital for three mounths

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