Been to A&E

Well it's here, had my flu jag on Monday, felt ok, woke at 3am thismorning aches all over, fellt really bad all day.

Went to pharmacist tonight he sent me to A&E, really bad throat infection and lower lung infection 😢 been given throat spray paracetamol and antibiotics.

Few days and I will up and going, can't keep me away from the gym for more than a day 😷.


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  • hope your feeling better soon , seem to be a lot of infections doing the rounds at the min ,

  • Hi David, sorry to hear you're not well. Try not to do too much too soon. Let the abs get to work & hopefully you'll feel better in a few days.

    I had my flu jab today & my arm feels really tender & a bit stiff. I'm sure it will be ok in a couple of days with a few paracetamol to help.

    Get well soon 🌸

  • Sorry to hear that you are not too well at the moment, David...wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Hope you're feeling better soon. 😊

  • Take things easy David and feel better soon. Flu jabs for us on Saturday so hope Pete will be ok. 😅😱 xxxx

  • So strange - the flu jab had an effect on me this year too! Felt like I had the flu! Although it passed very quickly, it left me (I think it's down to that!) with a flare up of joint pain and rash which is connected to my autoimmune condition. Not nice. Hope you're better soon xx

  • has been a bad flu season in southern hemisphere too.get well soon

  • Hi ,here , hope the pills kick in for you soon ,,,, I'm trying to keep away from infections ,,, anyone who sniffs or coughs more than once in vacinity,and I'm off ,Haha don't forget to rest ,

  • Hello David 1968,,, you are definatley in the wars,,,and sorry to hear the jab has made you so unwell,,,,I hope the meds make you feel better very soon. Had my jab and upto now things are ok,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Sorry to learn you've not been well and I've got my flu jab next Saturday,so I'm keeping everything crossed that it will all go OK. Keep yourself warm and hopefully you'll start to feel a little better very soon.

  • David, when you have recovered enough, please get a flu shot - it is so important that people like us with lung disease avoid getting the flu.

  • Sorry I guess the flu jab you had is a flu shot - duh - sometimes I don't comprehend and respond too quickly :(

  • So sorry, I hope the med school kick in & you feel better soon.

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