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A butterfly moment

Well another summer gone by, so this is just a little memento of the little things that only happen in summer. Once in a while, for no apparent reason, a butterfly may alight on you, to fly away at once, or perhaps to linger awhile.

This is a reflection of one such incident whilst sat in the garden one early evening and the thoughts that arose..........

If you do not enjoy poetry then the next post is probably much more intriguing than this one.......

Butterfly Moment

It was late in the day,

Neither an evening nor a daytime, but a rich bliss of both.

when the sun lit the underside of an evenings cloud,

with a still shimmering haze, sunset shone with silken rays.

and as the moon softly climbed the sky,

to offer its star jewelled shroud,

its trillion tonned echo alight with exquisite patience, and it became then that instant

that the smallest question ever asked, was "why?"

and as I sat gazing both at what lay without,

and saw what played and learned within,

I knew then, that it would begin:

and you alighted on my sleeve, with a folding and shimmering

in that last lights glimmering,

on what we both knew, was your first and only day.

We faced each other proud, silently being allowed, to truly see ourselves, in each a special way.

I breathed slow and slight, as that, your only day, turned to night

and the scent of the border flowers, of which you would only ever know one season

wrapped us, beguiled us, and lifted and measured us,

and I knew then, life was beyond knowing, and would never need reason

and you lifted and folded your Faberge and Michael Angelo,

precisely perfect Symphony, Set Your Self to fly, Wings.

and I began to see

To be what you must Be,

Your Life, Your self, Your perfect radiant wings..

I felt so small as you let me know that your day had been good,

a first and last unbroken.

The eloquence of I know not what, spoke between us, spoke of all

We never broke gaze,

as you lifted from me, so quietly, and we knew it had ended, swept your dazzle to the sky

to that brightest last thing, that sunset, The last you would ever see of summer haze,

Then we, or at least I, felt a whole life sweep by.

That spell of us unspoken....

And we had done more,

I was sure,

On that first yet the last of our time.

and I sat silent.

without words... a blackbird chattered at the stars, scolded the dusk,

and claimed the ancient rites.

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Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Oh Stree!😁 you said you would do a butterfly one and I love it! It's beautiful, thank you so much and if it's alright with you may I keep it 😊😀📖 huff xxx

Thanks for the kind comments, and huffer, of course you may keep it, just cherish it *S*

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Beautiful stree, a poem to be kept & read over & over. I'm sure it would make an excellent contribution to our book.

If you would allow your poem to be included you could perhaps send Vashti a pm, thanks very much 🌸

Jessy I have no idea how to send a PM on here, but thanks for the thought.

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Hi stree, click the 2 little speech bubbles at the top of the screen. Click compose & write your message. Hope this helps 👍

Sent a PM..............

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I enjoyed this Stree. It's beautiful & thoughtful. Thankyou. X

Glad you enjoyed it, in fact pleased and humbled you enjoyed it.Poems are such personal things...........


Very humbling, beautifullly written, that special butterfly moment described it so eloquently.

Yes, please do send to vashti for our book.


That's lovely stree, thank you. Xxxx

It's lovely Stree...saved in the book folder now...thank you!

Beautifully written Stree, I absolutely love butterflies, so really resonated with me. Glad you have sent it off for the book as it deserves to be shared - too good to be hidden away.... 🌸

Ah that's lovely xx

That is truly beautiful. Thank you so much xx

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