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Morning all just went out side as it looked nice which it is but cold as well as sun shine .so big day today mybe they will start my car up after 10 weeks doing the head gascket on it so cross my fingers and every thing i can

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Gorgeous here at the moment but thinking of putting a thicker quilt on the bed because the nights are chilly now.

Crossing my fingers too David and hope the car starts.

Nice here on South Coast but a bit chilly. Xxxxx

Its the secound citroen i have had in 35 years and the last had a lot of troubel with the last one as well

what model is it , I got a xsara Picasso ,

Grand picasso 1.6hdi

good luck david hope you have more luck than our boy did , he paid out to have his skimmed , now when its on tick over its making a pop .pop .poping noise , remind me of one of the old stationary engines you see at shows running a belt attached to some bit of farm machinery

It was a no no no done every thing that the garage told us to and tryed to bump it and still nono so got someone to look at it

Good luck with that David...it is warming up a bit now so hopefully it will have a good start. You must have missed it.

Good luck with starting the car David, it is similar weather here in the Midlands. I am very busy this week including extra eye test and new glasses. Enjoy your day

Good morning david, Did they get your car started? It's a bit nippy here this morning but I have not seen anyone scraping frost off their cars just yet!.

No not yet

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