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I have just been diagnosed with NSIP also borderline Lung Function 33%, I had a triple bypass about 10 years ago and that is when they found that I have AF as well, about 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with ITP, that was a pain cos I was put on a 2 week course of steroids, and after being weened off them I had put on 3st 2lbs, I have managed to get 22lbs lighter, but now3 that I have been diagnosed with NSIP, it looks like another course of steroids, which makes me wonder what I will weigh in a few weeks time.

Has anyone else been diagnosed with NSIP?

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A warm welcome to you vyner. 😀 I'm sorry to hear you're unwell 🤒 but am afraid I don't know anything about your condition.

I do know about the steroids causing weight gain, an unwanted side effect. 😳

Hope you feel better soon 🌷


Hello vyner and welcome. I know there are other members with your condition and hopefully will notice your post. You can type NSIP into the search box (top right) and can see other posts about it....though chronologically rather mixed up!

Hope it helps...

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Hi there ! I have a diagnosis of NSIP, still getting my head around it all. Not sure what the prognosis is. Retired in March and feeling fed up a lot of the time. Need to get myself motivated.


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