breathless in manchester

ive been in constant work im a warehouse man dont claim anything but at start of year i was plagued by chest infections so ignored them as you do then got to bad to work went doctor sent immediatly to hospital where i was told i had pnumonia and sepsis took a few week never got any better went back and told i had severe copd now its that bad cant work cant walk far even going upstairs is liike running a marathon chest pains out of breath i can no longer do my job what help is there for me financialy as i cant walk without getting out of breath thank you

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All depends if married and earnings .. but could leave job on ill health and put claim in for esa and or pip depending on finances and or if married.

A talk about if married not to be nosey but usaly dwp tell you wife to keep ya.but all depends on earnings.

As to pip am not really up if married and claiming BUT i would just submit the two claims if you have left job on ill health

PIP is not means tested so if you were a millionaire you could still apply for it. The best thing to do is phone the DWP or do a benefit check on the DWP web site.

im single on minimum wage been at same job past 10 yrs

You need to resign on ill health and submit claim .. dont let dwp bully you you do have serious condition

Not all of dwp workers are bullies. I'm sorry you feel that way and I resent you saying it

Hi, I think you misread the above comment which advises 'don't let dwp bully you', not that all dwp workers are bullies.

Sorry can't answer your query but I am sure someone will be along soon who can. You can always call the British Lung Foundation helpline as Ido believe they have information on this. Do not think they are open at the weekend so you will have to wait until Monday morning. In the meantime someone should be able to give you some advice on here. All the very best to you.

Excellent advice from all and like freefaller says you should defo call BLF helpline and they are used to these questions with such health issues so will give you all the help you will need. Citizens Advice Bureau also can be excellent but there can be a waiting list. Try all avenues, then take your best options. Don't delay in form filling as this too can take an absolute age to be replied to etc. (Always take photocopies of any documents ).Good luck and please, Redarmy123 do keep in touch.

Hi sorry to hear that. If you are still employed the first thing you need to do is to put in for medical retirement. You will get more money if you do it this way. Speak to your doctor about this as well.

Then you need to put in a claim for ESA (employment and support allowance) which is sickness benefit. You will need to get a med cert from your doctor. If you have paid enough national insurance stamps over the past 2/3 tax years then you will get contribution based benefit. If not then you will get income based benefits which looks at savings etc.

Once you are on ESA you will be entitled to housing benefit (if you are renting), and a council tax rebate.

PIP is another benefit you might be able to get. This is a stand alone benefit and has several different rates depending on how your illness affects you. You would normally get this money as extra and any other benefits won't be affected.

Google Govt. site (I presume you are in the UK) and this will give you all the info you need. x

Bev, a fantastic answer! You explain it all so clearly. You're our resident benefits expert, thanks. Hope you're keeping well 💐

Thank you Jessy. I used to work for the DWP so I know the basics and how to find my way round the sytem. Hardly an expert though as lots of things have changed since I left. That's one reason why I always give the Govt. site as this explains it in much more detail.

Hope you are ok chuck. Bev xx

New girl in the room, and currently working for dwp, partner is ill with IPF. He has survived oesophageal cancer TWICE, I'd give my right arm and both lungs to help him😢

I will admit that, (though the process isn't very easy) we do TRY and help people out. And if others saw the amount of benefit cheats ( not that I'm saying anyone is on here) as we do day in and day out. The process is possibly flawed.

But please try and remember, the government decided the process not the person you're speaking to.

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