Take your partners

for a quickstep followed by a foxtrot and a waltz.

I expect quite a few of you will remember that down at the local Palais de danse or your local dance hall.

All gone now of course along with the woolly mammoth and the dodo.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that Strictly Come Dancing is returning to TV.

I hated that programme. My wife would wait on tenterhooks all week for the next episode. Read all about the contestants love life etc; etc;

I can bop or should I say could bop, jive and do the twist but I can't do dance steps.


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  • I started going out with Pete at aged 16 after meeting at ballroom dancing. Great fun and we will be celebrating our 43rd wedding Anniversary in November.

    Enjoy your day gus. I love Strictly by the way. Xxx 👍🏻😉😀

  • Qualifications to love Strictly are as follows:

    You have to love ballroom dancing.

    You have to be Female.

    If there are any more reasons I have yet to see them.


  • Don't have to be female gus but probably are. Xxxxx

  • My husband won't miss it. He is very into it & he can't dance. X

  • gustavski



  • Used to love dancing, still would if it wasn't for the dizzy spells - could be hazardous for those close by, and me! Did some ballroom but got swept off my feet when rock n' roll came in - love both though. I don't watch strictly, it's good but I'd rather do it than than watch it, watching's no substitute. Surprisingly (for me anyway) three of my grandsons absolutely love it, typical brothers they argue and fall out over everything and nothing but strictly unites them. They may favour different dancers but they make valid points and have sensible discussions - a very civilising activity is dance!

  • If dancing is loved by females surely the male passion is cars.

    I once read that for a women to hook up with a man she should either be a barmaid or a petrol forecourt attendant.

    Of course a women could still be a ballet teacher but it would reduce the contact with males considerably i would think.


  • Oh dear, Gus. I don't like 'Strictly'...but I love cars and motorbikes! Never been a barmaid or petrol pump attendant either. I feel I have let stereotypes down!!

    Vroom..vroom.. 😄

  • Ehh?

  • Perhaps your wife should have checked this reply?

  • My wife was an English teacher i think she thought that by marrying me she would improve my English grammar.

    I am sad to say she didn't succeed.


  • It's not the grammar that needs checking.

  • Que?


  • Please do the checking for me so that I can see what you mean. I do tend to be a little slow on the uptake sometimes.


  • My younger son has dealt with his 'midlife crisis' by getting a Harley Davidson - it's huge and it frightens the life out of me, but it's reeeally nice - no, nice is definitely the wrong word but you'll know what I mean.

  • I had a small BSA 250 when I was about 16 but I rather liked cars better.

    Now if I lived in Italy or the South of France I think a Harley would be my choice.

    Remember Easy Rider or Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

    Yeah.... born to be wiiiiiiild.


  • It is a sweeping generalisation to say men don't like Strictly. How many men have you asked? Not many, I'll bet. It has got better and more polished every year.

    My husband and I watched it with great interest. He did find the bits about the rehearsals, behind the scenes, boring. I think he preferred to see the actual performances.

    If you don't watch Strictly for the whole series, then I don't think you are in a position to judge. A lot of very hard work goes into making Strictly such a success.

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