Has anyone else had this?

I have had a very frightening 'episode' today I have had similar things happen before but not to this degree. The symptoms were the reason why I went to the GPs in the first place back in May/June but they diagnosed me with bronchiectasis.

When I eat (not always and its mainly if I eat bread) I get a bubble in my chest and I cant swallow, the bubble gradually disappears and i am ok however today the bubble was not going anywhere and both my hands/arms and face started to tingle my son talked to me and rubbed my back, but I thought I was in serious trouble, eventually i managed to burp up the bubbles and i was left feeling dizzy but ok. Why is this happening? It was very scary

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  • That sounds scary and needs mentioning again to GP. Pete has sarcoidosis and COPD and sometimes food gets stuck on the way down and he drinks to try and free it.

    Go back to your GP and see what he says. Good luck, xxx

  • Thanks I will got such a scare

  • Hi,

    Yes now and again I have had similar feelings and had to ruby chest to get the lump of air out before the food can get down. It can be quite frightening when it happens, I now stop eating or drinking until rub my chest until I feel the pain ease. I personally put it down to being a mouth breather and do gulp air down. Best to have a chat with your doctor, just in case. I now nibble my food, which does help.


  • Thanks Sue, this has happened to me a few times its very uncomfortable but doesnt last very long and rubbing my chest helped but this time nothing was helping and i think I probably had a anxiety attack due to this? not sure though because I havent had a anxiety attack before but my son seems to think thats what happened. It was very scary

  • Hi,

    I agree with your son. Tingling such as you describe can be caused by panic. It happened to me a few years ago. My episode started with palpitations which wouldn't stop. I was really frightened and started hyperventilating which caused the tingling. I was carted off to hospital but no cause was found other than the stressful situation I was in at that time. My GP gave me Propanolol for anxiety. It is scary so I sympathise.

  • Sorry did not answer sooner, having probs. with my eyesight. Hope things have calmed down now, just when we think we know what our symptoms are and how our body react to them hey presto something new happens and we are completely floored by it.

    Take care.


  • See your doctor. I take Lanzaparol ( think that's the wrong spelling) at night and it prevents reflux problems, etc......I have to sit up all night so I don't swallow anything into my lungs,

    .....I have both emphysema and bronchiestasis (lucky me ) Do speak to your doctor/consultant though. Good luck :)

  • Yes, sounds like a reflux thing to me Louisiana.

  • Louisiana is this part and parcel of having bronchiectasis or just an unlucky extra x

  • I'm not a doctor, but I do definitely think it is part and parcel of bronchiectasis - I was diagnosed with emphysema ages ago, but my consultant felt something wasn't quite right...and they discovered bronchiectasis as well....he said most people have one or the other, but I always have been rather contrary in my life :) After that diagnosis he was very concerned about the reflux and I thought he was being over the top, but to be honest he is right......I see what he means now....it's certainly worth looking into when you speak to your doctor......good luck :)

  • i am a bronch. and recovering from a chest infection. I have been worrying about my lungs being full of rubbish. This morning, not feeling very hungry, started to eat a nectarine sold as ready to eat but it wasn't really ripe. I started to cough whilst I was chewing. A bit had gone into my lungs and I really lost it. I was choking with a really scary graveyard cough ... panic, thinking about 111 .. then popped up, the bit of nectarine, together with masses of gunge from my lungs. Not the nicest way to clear my lungs.

    Does anyone know if I can get a flutter device (or similar - cant recall the name) on prescription, to clear lungs?? XX

  • Thanks, Hanne. I will ring my pharmacy tomorrow. I need something!!! Yes, acapella was the name I couldn't remember. x

  • What does an Acapella actually do? It's mentioned as being able to clear the lungs. I've never heard of it.

  • I have an Acapela, prescibed by NHS. Really useful when I have an infection. X

  • I was prescribed 7% saline via my nebuliser by my Respiratory research consultant (after initial test trial) and it helps to clear gunge from lungs tremendously. you use it once or twice a day as necessary.

  • Hello MAJ,

    My husband had a similar problem for years until he was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia. He would start off a meal with a first forkful and then could not swallow it until he had been to the lavatory to get it up. Sorry if this sounds a bit coarse but that is how it was. It meant he didn't enjoy his food for ages, He had his gullet stretched a couple of times and it did ease it for him.

    All the best to you, but do go back to your doctor.

  • Thank you Jennifer, that is the reason I originally went to the GP because I thought I had a hernia, but instead I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis and my original issue forgotten about

  • I understand MAJ. You have to keep on at them - no-one will do it for you.

  • I will make another appointment just dont like to pester the GP but I was very scared x

  • It needs sorting - and your doctor is paid to look after your health interests. A few tests will show what the problem is. Please don't think this way. Let us know how you get on.


  • Thanks Jennifer

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