Antibodies OR Reproducibility Crisis

Antibodies OR Reproducibility Crisis

Well today had intresting chat to my lung doctor ABOUT cvid complicating my lung disease.

Well he told me i dont have CVID but i do have antibody Immunty issues we are monitoring.

SAID i do have them but the dysfunctional abnormal.

But he told me am undergoing other blood test to check my antibody's and if that comes back same as befour with no inprovmeant i will be having to have 3 injections and if this still no inprovmeant THEN i will be refereed to immunity doctor.

As to cause HE thinks Virus or Bactriea caused it.

Getting to see him was pain as i had BAD foot cramp that stoped me in my tracks HAD to lean on wall till leg started working again as it was like dragging piece meat behind me .. I just hope it was not Co2 lactic acid stuff that caused my leg cramping.

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  • Good luck to you JAS. Hope you get your referral .........eventually. Take care xxxxx

  • Hi sassy cheers thanks THEY say within next three months AM hoping everything is fine.

    Only bug bare have is why my lung doctor keeps saying this nothing else more they can do in regard my lungs to other doctors.

    In my opinion this millions of things :)

  • Good luck JAS pleased to hear they are on the case! Xx

  • Hi cheers thanks DID surprise me they was already monitoring WOULD been nice if would told me tad back tho instead of me thinking it had resolved it self

  • At least things seem to be moving for you now, JAS.

  • Hi yer have seen few my lung doctors other doctors AND it's not ended to well BUT think tied as turned in my favour WELL hope it as.

    Did tel them I would like to be cured wile a still have some lung left SO no pressure :)

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