Good morning my friends

All is well in camp Sheila, went for oxy assess. last week and told I can gradually go down to 15hrs a day instead of 24, (when at rest) it feels really strange without it though, anyone else felt like that? Also restarted my immunoglobulin therapy again (hopefully will reduce no of infections, my immune system just doesn't do the job so constantly got one infection or another! Icing on the cake my consultant has finally written to the lung defence unit at Papworth (it has taken a yr to get him to pen a letter) don't think he thought I would still be here, well I am ho ho. Must dash got places to go people to see. It's good to be a member of the human race again! Wishing you all a lovely day. Love S Xx

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  • Sheilab123 that's great news your upbeat sense of humour made me feel good and smile have a great day I'm going to x

  • Thanks Titchy, pleased I made you smile! Hope you enjoyed your day as much as I enjoyed mine. Xx

  • I am we're of for a nice walk now me an Mr bear oh joy x

  • Places to go...people to see....a Happy Mindset...A few hours break from your O2....and the Sun is out....Camp Sheila sounds a happy place to be.

    Enjoy your day


  • Camp Sheila is the place to be at the mo, long may it last! now on recliner to planning what to do (or not) next Velvet. Xx

  • Good for you 😂😂


  • Really good news Sheila, here's hoping that it all works well for's your sense of humour makes me laugh too...a lovely start to the day in your camp:-)


  • Thanks Jennifer pleased it amused you, let's hope this camp doesn't close down! Xx

  • Best wishes to you Sheila. Xxx

  • Thank you Sassy, it's great to be a member of the human race! Xx

  • Oh Shelia thats fab news i would love some time off my oxygen and its not often i read about someone having it reduced so maybe it will happen for me one day

  • Mandy when she told me I was gob smacked, didn't see that one coming. It is only for short periods and at rest though. So could be you next! Xx

  • Its hard being on oxygen so i really understand what a joy it must have been to be told that. You will be able to eat a big ice cream without getting it all over your cannula ( giving me secrets away now ) :) x x

  • Lol did it and do it all the time! It's really strange though because I don't feel comfortable without it yet, but will keep at it, suppose it's a bit like a comfort blanket! Xx

  • Absolutely fantastic news Sheila. As Mandy said it's so encouraging to hear of people being told to use less 02, rather then more. Does this mean you can go out without it for short periods ?

  • Thanks BJ yes I haven't got it on at the mo. but I must put it on before I get off recliner! Think about 30mins is the longest I've gone without so far. Xx

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