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YOU Know Your Pretty LUNG DISEASED When You Cant Push WheelChair Up Disabled Ramp

YOU Know Your Pretty LUNG DISEASED When You Cant Push WheelChair Up Disabled Ramp

Well had active few days TOOK delivery of dads wheelchair COULD not get electric one AS he as old timers SO have new found emperthy for any sufferer with memory problems.

Anyway i bought 15kg one thats 25in wide so could use it in house if needed LUCKLY i thought i had ticked all boxies totaly forgeting how ##%%# I am my self WELL it turned into alday afair.

You go in shops and ignorant security staff follow you round LIKE you cant be ill and out and about let alone carer for someone ill.

Totaly shocked i was at how i could not even push my dad round with out geting breathless feeling ill AND the wonder why lung disease suffers suffer anxiety panic attacts.

Then i had to take him GPs and thats when i discovered disabled ramp that i thought i could pushed my dad up in he's wheelcair only to find i could't.

Luckily my faith as been restord in humanty as some girl lady helped push him up the ramp.

Am quite lucky as i forget just how grim things can be BUT its not deterd me as its better than going gym.

Well thats what i tell myself ... O the was something else i was going to say talk about but seem to have forgot

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Hi jeffajax, hope you fell better now, just wanted to say hi as I haven't been here lately


Hi cheers all that excitment makes you tird i found :)

But yer am still NOT cured but surviving HOPE alls well with you.

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Was it your predictive text that gave your dad "old timers", Daz!? Much prefer it to Alzheimers! It will be much cheaper and better exercise pushing the wheelchair than going to the gym.

Nice photo too 😊

Tee xxx


Hi Yer me brain stoped working had to think on me feet lol :)

Thats what i tell me self but did try pushing myself but think am elecric guy :)


I bought a sort of 'add on motor' for my sons wheelchair, it wasn't exactly cheap at over £600 but it's made it much easier to get out and about with him. The only problem is that the chair can't be folded up when it's fitted, so it won't go into a car boot, but it's relatively easy to remove unless you have a problem with bending. It's called a TGA Power Pack - and at present eBay has one at £199. Coming down ramps and slopes with wheelchairs can be rather hazardous as the weight pulls you along making it hard to control the speed so my top tip for that is to come down backwards using your own body weight to control the speed. With the TGA fitted the person pushing the chair controls the speed (whether you're going up or down slopes), with a small lever attached to the chair handles. Hope that's of some help.


Hi a think that would be to tempting BUT do agree hazardous affair wheel chairs.

It was any resistance that made me breathless felt like i should be in one really.

Thanks for reply name of moter am keeping all options open seeing how things go.

Cheers thanks again


Great photo JAS good to see you.

Not easy pushing your dad around when you are unwell yourself. I struggle pushing Pete and l am in pretty good health do l can empathise. It's a nice way to meet the ladies eh?!😉👍🏻 Take care. Xxxxx


Hi sassy defo agree is quite a struggle.

As to ladies breathing is usaly my biggest concern NOT thst would be intrested in corn beef when the can have stake WELL thats what my brother says ANYWAY am usaly red blue faced and sweaty when pushing dad DON'T think am up for conversation when out DON'T think suffers can walk n talk


You are right as usual JAS. Take care and wishing you well. Xxx😉👍🏻

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Wheelchair ramps and accessible wheelchair friendly walkways are great but when they are uphill they are not fun for even a totally fit person to push. As the person sat in the chair I often feel very sorry for the person having to push me, even when its flat ground. My hubbie is quite strong and healthy but uphill is a struggle for him. It will be so much easier for everyone once I have a mobility scooter as my parents/in laws are all elderly so they can only push me short distances and have their own heath issues to cope with. My hubbie will be glad of the rest from pushing me around !


Have only been pushing me dad a tad and felt like flurting him out and me taking his place.

Guess the unspoken nods smiles you give to those in chairs.

Is terable the mind can be sometimes.

Hope ya get your chair sorted and can both have a break

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Thanks Jeff

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My late mum was a lightweight but I could not push her in a wheelchair; ramp or flat. The forward push movement gave me disabling coughing attacks. She also had a 4 wheel walker but I could not lift it in or out of the car. We solved the problem with me driving over to mum's & getting Dial a ride. The drive lifted the walker on and of the mini bus. I do miss her x


Hi sorry to read about your mum I would feel same if was any of mine .. my dad would not go anywhere unless I was with him NOT sure would go on bus like .. but know what you mean about things getting heavier

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