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Well since i last posted its been two forward and 10 back:'( . Was feeling good started to put in place some of the tips, yoga is helping. Start c25k slowly. Got a date for the bronoscooy thing. Went out on dsy 2 of c25k, on sunday. And the nausea hit me. But wasnt worried. By evening I was coughing pain in my lower lung and wad sick. Daughter14 years old rang 999 but there where none avaiable and it wod be quicker to get me to a and e my oarents drop me in. They took me into resc. The nurses where brilliant, but boy as had been written somewhere else god save us from female house dictors. She looked at my obs normal as well as temp ox, low rr bp. Ask what had brought me in, so explained what the problem was, chest x ray done clear but she was confused as soon as she started to press on my collar bone, and got me to bresthe deeply you could hear the rice crispies andwheeze. Oh thats strange you have what sounds like an infection but thst cant be right, as you obd are stable. Tje blood shows a minor infection. Manage to tip in to bed at 1am monday morning white rabbits everyone. Be glad to know what this is sure fed up with people going you dont look well, or wha to you mean you dont know what it is been to the doctor yes, and referred to hospital, and they cant tell me, getz them every time hope everyone id enjoying the rain.

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  • Should have added bronco on the 8th of this month.

  • Alicat that all sounds awful and l hope you do get some answers and feel better soon. Lung disease can be very difficult to diagnose but l do wish you well. Xxxx

  • Thanks sassy it will be good to know, althoughnot looking forward to maybe having to put up with seizures agsin. Tell me about it, when my daughter hsd empyema, it took ages to get a diagnosis, her right lung collapsed, thank good for addinbrookes. My daughter is thankful that the weather is cooler, but has found the weather thid year has played havaoc with her lungs. For me two lots of amox and one lot of clarti havent done anything ct shows sassy some sort of inflammation but not what its been 16+ weeks not sinster so a plus

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