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It does not matter whether you are a "newie" or an "Oldie", when you join this site you become a part of a world wide family.

Some are closet family whilst others are here waving and yelling. That is what makes us unique. We may never meet nor know each other's real name but just by typing away on our keyboard, I feel we are much closer than most others.

I have found after too many years of walking on this planet that when we speak, sometimes we put little thought into what we say, (foot in mouth disease), but when we have to actually type it, the real person becomes visible.

If I have failed to reply to your message regarding Susan's transplant , please forgive me. I understand that some messages disappear from the radar and I have replied to each and every message I have received.

Susan IS finally coming home today.

I am very grateful to have received your messages of support , care and prayers and if you are of a mind please say one for the donor's family, who, during what must have been a very traumatic time, gave Susan the "Gift of life"

You are all, and will remain "Family to us both

May GOD bless us all and keep us in the hollow of HIS hand

The Wild Colonial Boy


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God bless you both. xx

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G'day Toci

Nice to hear from you and I trust you are all being as good, in health, as possible.

Many thanks for thinking of us and replying.

GOD Bless


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Best wishes to you and Susan. It's lovely to hear you've had such a good outcome. I know that you stayed positive Will, never doubting that this day would come and I am so happy that you were right.

Enjoy the future together!


It's such a pleasure to be just a little part of your and Susan's life-changing story, Will, and to have "met" you....and every time to feel humbled by the generosity of a donor's family in their moment of loss. People can be awesome!

Welcome home Susan.

Tee xxx

PS are those your guitars, Will?


Thanks Tee

this is why I posted today about our "Family"

Yes Tee the guitars are mine. I have been playing the Shadows tunes for over 50 years now. Osteoarthritis has the better of my fingers but can still play some of their slower numbers.


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G'day Helen

Nice to hear from you

All good here. just leaving for the hospital. Sun is shining albeit quite cold.

Thank you for your kind words


You and your beautiful bright eyed Susan are rich now in so many ways after all the trauma, pain and dreadful worry. What lovely people you are....a perfect match with your HU family and the generosity of the donor family.

A fresh breeze on your sail now Will to your new life.


Thanks Jen and I hope that our journey may give comfort and hope to those still waiting.



Brilliant news wil to have your sweet Susan home what s journey you've both had and God bless the special donor and family xxx

Thanks titchy

Just arrived home, ready for the new journey

Thanks for thinking of us


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Wonderful news Susan and will need to turn the heating up today...heheee.Love and prayers to you both, and look forward to our next catch up.

Thanks Peter

I will send you a text each time we finish at the Alfred.


-That would be great Will.

G'day mate

Great news, l bet you are overjoyed that Susan is back home.

I am sure Susan will go from strength to strength, now she is back home and with you.

God bless the donor and their family to have the courage to think of others at such a tragic time.

Good luck and God bless you both.

Pommie Velvet xxxx


Thanks Mate

Just arrived home from the hospital, great to have my sparing partner home. Looking for the tin hat in case I have done something wrong while Susan has been away on her holiday


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hi Will

you won't need that tin have coped marvellously and supported Susan with love , devotion, and your prayers.

Well done Mate


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Thanks Mate

And with terrific support from H.U


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What a lovely post Will and great news about Susan coming home.

I am sitting here typing and waving and thinking of you and the donor who gave Susan life. That is a wonderful thing to give a chance of life to someone else. I have carried a donor card for over 30 years and my family know that.

Bless you and be healthy and happy. Xxxxxx

Thanks Sassy

The Dr's told me I am too old to be a donor.

But I hope that all the young'ns here think about it

GOD Bless


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That's good news about Susan and it's great to hear from you. take care xx

Thanks Diesel,

I never heard how the Rod Stewart concert went.

Hope all is well with you both


Great news, I am very happy for you both,

Thank you All is well


So happy for you two, Will. Another gorgeous photo of Susan.She is absolutely glowing! Is that The Beatles I see in the photo? So here you are home, with a brand new start. Life as you knew it is over. A nice new fresh start. Have a lovely day, with your lovely wife😊 Rubyxx

Thanks Ruby

Just arrived home and sorting out 3 bags full of meds.

Had to take a pic of Susan sitting at the table trying to sort them all out, hopefully will look back on this day with much happiness but also with sadness as we learned today that one of our support group here has passed away.

HE breathes life into us all and takes us home when it is time.

Yes that is a picture of the Fab four which I have had for more years than I can remember


Will, your warmth and humour comes across even in the written word and half a world away. You and Susan are lovely people and I wish you all the best.

God bless your donar too.

Bev x

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Thanks Bev

It means a lot to us both having caring folk like yourself "over there"


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Aw bless xx

I wish you all well and a speedy recovery.

Your comments are so true a family bought together with the same or similar conditions.

Be Well

Thanks Mate

We really are all brought together thru some illness and it is the care and compassion shown by the "family" that stands out.

We have the ability to make light of some pretty scary burdens, and to "get on with our lives" knowing that the "Family" is there for us all.

Thank you for your kind words


Hello Will. How right you are. This is such a world wide family with so much love and compassion. I am ecstatic that Susan is coming home to you. Congratulations to you both. You've been amazing.

Three cheers for Will and Susan!!!

Hip, hip HOORAY!!

Hip, hip HOORAY!!

Hip, hip HOORAY!!



Thanks Cas

I think I heard that all the way across the ocean.

Reminds me of the Irish funeral.

At the family home (traditional scene after a death) The family needed to lay the poor soul out so that people could pay their respects. But they had nothing to stand the coffin on so one called out "3 chairs for the corpse" And the lot of them Yelled out "Hip Hip Hooray" 3 times.

Nice to see you on here Cas ,freely giving of your time especially giving comforting words to those in need.

You are indeed a kind soul.

GOD Bless


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So pleased to hear that Susan's back home, you must feel that you've been blessed after all that you've both been through - now for a new beginning. I'm delighted for both of you and am wishing you a very happy future. God bless the donars family.

Thanks Magpuss


So well stated concerning our world wide family , whether we post frequently or rarely!! It is for sure a place of safety and security and understanding and sharing similar experiences, emotion and feelings. The support to endure and overcome when we have almost given up!!

Thanks be to God that your Susan is by now home and praying for a swift recovery!! Also a grateful prayer of thanksgiving for the donor and family!!

I rarely post but read daily and you so described the very beauty of this site.



Thank you Shirley

Susan is feeling better each day, still a few hurdles to jump, Diabetes the main one, but knew this was a strong possibility due to Prednisolone.

Returned to the Alfred today and met with all other transplantees and their carers, who received new lungs within the past 2 months. Very moving


Oh How WONDERFUL such brilliant news.

I hope Susan continues to get stronger and that its the start of a new life for you both.

Thanks for letting us all share this time with you both

Love Sohara xx

Thank you for your kind words Sohara

I pray that our story will give those waiting hope and belief that their turn will come soon


So very pleased things are looking good for you and Susan, We are all in Gods hands.

I really hope our young ones see the need to carry Donor cards, I spoke to my children and I know they carry them. God bless in my prayers.

Etch45 X

Thank you for your reply Etch

We have a BIG campaign going on at the Alfred, appealing for people to become donors, and it must be working, with more transplants done this year, than the same time last year.

We spent an hour today meeting with all Tx recipients (and their carers) who received new lungs within the past 2 months. The looks of happiness and gratitude (for the Medical staff and donor families) were clearly evident.

It was great exchanging stories as to how we all came to be here today.

All now breathing easy and not pulling their little mate along behind them anymore.


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Hi Will, fantastic news that your Susan is back home. Now she will go from strength to strength with all of your wonderful home cooking.

You can cook ?!!!🍲🍛🍟🍔🍗🍧

But on a serious note a prayer for the donor and the strength of commitment of the family at a very difficult time for them.


Thanks JP

I presume that is a statement "You can cook". Not.... Can you cook???

Of course I can, you have never seen anyone better at burning water than I.

I can vividly remember trying to clean the black of the bottom of a new saucepan, loaned to me with a cooked meal in it. (Kindly neighbour) Many, many years ago.

I scrubbed, soaked and scrubbed again. Had it half clean when neighbour arrived to collect it.

I apologised profusely about burning the bum of her new pan. Shock and horror... It was one of those new Teflon coated (Black) bottomed pans, nothing sticks to it.

We learn something new every day Don't we!!

We are in the middle of wording our letter of gratitude to the donor's family.

Very difficult letter to compose.

Stay well mate


That's good to hear Susan's home, Will. I hope after a few days now she is recovering nicely.



Thanks for replying Symes

Susan is doing quite well at present.

We have started the three day per week pilgrimage to the Alfred hospital, which will conclude in 12 weeks time.


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