Diagnosed with bronchialitis

Hi some of you may have seen my posts over the last couple of years re buckets of mucus production , well things turned a bit nasty a week ago I could hardly breath and oxy low no energy, I have sent samples off in past but no culprit but I sent one this week and apparently it is showing bronialiltis anyone know of this any advice please, the docs will be ringing me later with instructions on what to do but to be fair sometimes this site is far more knowledgable. Thanks

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I assume you mean Bronchiolitis? That's disease that is in the small airways. (Small airways, not small disease, got into trouble once when someone thought I was trivialising her condition!) There are different forms of it and it sounds as if you have an infective, inflammation type. Are you on steroids? They can help?

I am very interested in your situation. Please let us know how things go.

K x

Katinka Hi, I will do thanks for responding.xx

Hi karinka, what is happening to me at the moment is awful my blood markers are showing that my body is fighting inflammation or infection but sputum not samples clear not growing anything but bronchialitis was mentioned ?? I am really vomiting/coughing huge amounts of mucus really huge 4 or 5 times a day , can you tell me what your symptoms were, I'm on doxyciline at present but not steroids as yet thanks xx carol

I almost certainly have Obliterative Bronchiolitis. This was caused by pulmonary emboli, (blood clots in the lungs). It seems that the clots in the tiny blood vessels damaged the small airways, (bronchioles). Which resulted in a repair process that caused scarring (fibrosis) around the airways. What is very different to your case is that mine is fibrotic, not inflammatory. I have no congestion, coughing, wheezing or mucus production. Which made me think that yours is an infection and/or inflammation, and therefore much more likely to respond to treatment. I do hope so.

Do you know what caused the doctors to make that diagnosis? It is usually done by High Resolution CT scan, which can show different patterns: in my case there was a mosaic pattern that indicated air trapping. Whereas other types of Bronchiolitis can show a "tree-in-bud" image.

The problem with Bronchiolitis generally is that because the affected areas are deep in the lungs the Spirometry results can be fairly normal. And, unfortunately, this can make the doctors not take it seriously.

Would love to hear more about your experience.

Kate x

My last ct scan showed I had a small amount af bronchiectasis. I had the scan done because of repeated infections and the inhaler were not clearing my breathlessness and the antibiotic and steroids would not shift it. I was also told that I had a low immune system. And I am now waiting to see a immunologist to find out why. X

Hi nottobad, I would be very interested to know how you get on if you could let me know thank you so much for replying X

I will do. Take care xx

Bronchiolitis (if that was what was identified) is a common lower respiratory tract infection - NOT a big disease of the small airways - usually contracted by babies & children - is viral and usually fought off by your own immune system without medication ('...goes away of it's own accord'). If that is what you have, it could make your existing conditions more uncomfortable... Or maybe that isn't what was diagnosed?


Obliterative Bronchiolitis (a small airways disease) is a very nasty untreatable condition that affects adults, not suggesting that that is what Carol has, but there are several diseases of the bronchioles that are very serious. Absolutely agree that acute Bronchiolitis is more common in children and babies. I was thinking of the chronic SADs.


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