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Evening all I'm looking to book a holiday to the Dominican Republic for next year however I've got ILD and am on 24/7 oxygen. Has anyone been there whilst needing oxygen can anybody give me any advise such as how and where do I sort my oxygen out. I'm not worried about my flights as the travel agent has said she will sort it an assistance at both airports. I also need a decent quote for insurance. I've only been hospitalised once and have been stable for 2 years now. Thanks in advance xx

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  • Hi

    Reading matter,

    For oxygen you will probably have to hirer a portable unit. You are not allowed to take NHS equipment outside of the U.K.

    For insurance look at

  • I just thought I would mention that on a holiday to the Dominican Republic (before I used oxygen) I found the humidity made it very difficult to breathe comfortably.

  • Thank you both for your help. At the min I'm finding my breathing is better in the heat than in the cold. That's why I'm craving hot weather x

  • I agree about the heat, and if humidity does not affect you then great, but humidity hits me. In the 90s I had a lovely holiday in Kenya, with a week on safari which was glorious as all are at altitude, but the week in Mombassa by the sea was a waste of time, because I could not walk anywhere due to the high humidity. Just a thought, hope you sort your holiday plans out x

  • I agree about the heat too. My breathing in Greece or Egypt is much better than at home. It was not the heat that caused problems in the DR but the extremely high humidity. It was like trying to breathe through a flannel soaked in hot water being placed tightly across your nose and mouth. Not good.

  • Hi Wendy, I would ask your travel agent about oxygen in the Dominican, systems out there are very basic, maybe they could arrange for your hotel to sort it out for you, Toci is right the humidity is extremely high and can make breathing difficult even for people without breathing problems and you will need good insurance, have a great holiday.

    T xx

  • I would have thought that you would also need a fit to fly thing from the doctors.

  • I would suggest this too. I have ILD and have been told I cannot fly at all - not even with oxygen which I am not even on. I think the airline will probably ask for a fit to fly if a passenger requires oxygen. Best double check to make sure.

  • Hi, my consultant wouldn't let me fly for the first couple of years as I was deteriorating however I stabilised and have improved a tiny amount. Last year he finally said I was now able to fly. I've wanted a holiday but have been too scared to do it up until now. Now I think this illness is not going to stop or beat me yet lol. Fingers crossed that you will be able to fly soon. Try and stay positive and strong. Xx

  • That sounds wonderful and fingers crossed that it all falls into place for you. Apart from Assistance at the airports, you will also need to order oxygen on board for duration of the flight. Go direct to the airline, who will want a fit to fly from your doc or consultant.

    As for oxygen when there, why not phone Dept of Health on 02072104850 and speak to them. That is the number someone kindly gave me when I enquired about oxygen in Spain. I phoned them and they were very helpful. Haven't followed it through as not going until November, so plenty of time.

    As for insurance, best of luck - I have COPD, am on LTOT, have never been hospitalised and am stable, but get quoted "arm and leg" jobs for policies for 2 weeks. When I go to Greece, I travel without insurance for my lungs - I have insurance via my bank for all other things. What is the worst that is going to happen .... infection? I take antibiotics and steroids with me in case. Also if worst happened, I could afford a short stay somewhere (I think).

    As I have said, good luck and do let us know how you get on.

  • I had just some xrays (my back) and consultation with doctor in DR 4 years ago and it was over £600. Not cheap. Fortunately my insurance paid but if you had to go into hospital for your lungs with medicines etc I think it would be very expensive indeed. Whilst you can buy most medicines OTC a lot of the complexes are a very long way from the nearest town where you would find a pharmacy. As others have said, the humidity is a killer (literally) and not everywhere is air conditioned (they also have a few power outages) and outside was just undoable.

  • Check on the airline that you intend to fly with as they do vary considerably in their attitude to passengers requiring oxygen on board.

    My wife and I were going to travel from the UK to Australia via Singapore with Singapore Airlines in December 2014. Although the airline was happy to supply the oxygen, after I had gone through the gamut of form filling, getting my Fitness To Fly certificate authorised and my GP and Consultant giving their written consent.

    However the airline then told me that I would have to book a seat for the oxygen cylinders! The total cost of the "oxygen seat" was the same as for a passenger and was roughly £1,200. Unfortunately I became very ill before the trip and we had to cancel before the trip and before paying for the oxygen.

    Other airlines charge £100 or other reasonable fees so make your research into an airline's policy about carrying oxygen a primary task.

  • Thank you all for your advise I really appreciate it. I've booked the holiday for next July. Flying with Thomson who I've read and been told don't charge me for oxygen. I still need to order oxygen to use while I'm out there. I've sorted my travel insurance with a fantastic quote of only £165 for myself, husband and daughter. I disclosed all my ailments even had to state all medication I'm taking and the reason why, but it's all sorted. Thank you all again. Xx

  • who have you done your insurance with. Last time I went to Canaries, one trip was over 300, although I do have quite a list of heart and lung problems,?

  • Hi I've done it through they ask for your height weight and names of all medication taken and the reason for the medication. It's the best and cheapest quotes I've had. Good luck xx

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