Hi all

Hi I'm a mum to a 3 soon to be 4 year old who is oxygen dependant since she was born early at 28 weeks.

I was wondering who you all hire portable oxygen concentrator from when holidaying out of the U.K. as we're hoping to take Sarah and her syblings to Disneyland Paris for a week at the beginning of August but we're struggling so much with oxygen hire :-( thanks

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Hi little_sarah. Welcome to the site.

Hi, how lovely yet a worry for you all at the same time. Children can be a concern when they have health problems.

Do tell us more about yourself and your daughter if you want to. This is a very supportive and welcoming site. Xxxx

A very warm welcome to you and your dear little daughter. It might be an idea to contact BLF - click on the red balloon above for number .

Just foimd a couple of sites - not sure how helpful they will be. Hope you find a solution - it sounds fab.



love cx


Try Pure O2

0870 712 0202 ( UK 24hr)

0161 747 2617 ( UK 9-5)

Iv tried these but they are quoting me £380 for 5 days but a man at tens medical told me I should be looking to pay around £150 plus carriage


Will tens medical not hire you one.


What oxygen requirements do you need, LPM. pulses or continuous

1 litre continuous and tens are not renting out this year due to problems


That's a shame I have a focus 2lpm pulse, which I would have gladly loaned to you.

Thank you so much for the offer if only it was what I needed thanks thou 😀


Another for consideration


These couldn't help me unfortunately

I have used Pure Oxygen before and they were very good. The concentrator was delivered a few days prior to our holiday and it was collected a few days after our return.

I hope you find something of help to you.

Thérèse xxx

Thanks I've been quoted £380 for 5 days from pure o2 but I'm thinking that's abit much as tens medical told me I'd should be looking at £150 plus carriage

I think I paid £250 when I used Pure O2. It was a few years ago though. That was for two weeks.

I hope you get something arranged.

Thérèse xxx

Your own oxygen supplier should be able to advise you on that but here is a link to one...I would check with your gp she is ok to travel as i think you need to supply some sort of confirmation of her needs


Hope you have a great time

Our own oxygen supplier just says we cannot take our oxygen out the uk. Iv had the go ahead from everyone that she can go as we're going by Eurostar so are not flying

Oh dear me that wasnt much help from them was it....You have been left a few companies details so i hope you get something sorted out and have a lovely holiday

This is my oxygen supplier they offer it but it says you have to call them for a price


Here's what our oxygen supplier says defo not helpful


oh for goodness sake thats as much use as a chocolate teapot

Exactly so I'm just left to find my own for Sarah then 😩

Try Baywater tomorrow it definitely said the can supply oxygen for outside the uk . Perhaps try ringing your oxygen clinic at your hospital. I'm shocked your having such a carry on getting it

I'll try them thanks

Our oxygen clinic just told us to call our oxygen company it's shocking isn't it 🙈

Get in touch with Department of Health 0207 210 4850 they were very helpful.

Kim xx

Thanks I'll try them tomorrow

Can't help unfortunately but do hope you get your little girl and the rest of the family to Disneyland. good luck, Sue x

Thank you xx


The charity chILD UK has a concentrator that families can borrow. All you need to do is register with them and check dates etc:

Thanks but theirs is already booked out for our dates xx

I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you find an affordable solution xx

Thanks xx

Hi little Sarah, firstly you will need a prescription from your Dr also a fit to fly form for the airline. If your oxygen supplier can't help you I would contact British embassy for oxygen suppliers in Paris. You may get your oxygen free of charge using an E111 card I use mine when I go to Spain and my oxygen is delivered to my friend house. Have you tried your supplier they should be able to assist you. Hope this helps but feel free to ask anything else. Good luck and hope you get to Disney. The other option is Pure 02 they are very helpful but there will be a charge.

Love Sue x

Hi we're not flying we're getting the Eurostar there and the ferry back. I've tried to get oxygen in Paris but I still need oxygen for the Eurostar/ferry as we are not aloud to take our portable cylinders out of the country so hiring a portable concentrator looks the best idea. It's just finding 1 that's available and not charging to much. Pure o2 quoted me £380 for 5 days yet tens medical told me to expect around £150 plus carriage as they aren't hiring out oxygen this year due to problems they're having. My supplier and oxygen nurse are not helpful whatso ever here's what they tell me


What a package - seems ridiculous in 21st century. Sincerely hope you find what you need - do call the BLF (British Lung Foundation) who should be able to point you in the right direction. Welcome to the group.

Thanks 😊

Hi, a warm welcome to the BLF forum, I can't help but wish you good luck in fining what you need. The BLF helpline number: 03000 030555 UK office hours or send them an email giving query & your number to call you back.

Best, P

Thanks 😊

The BLF is amazingly helpful over things like this and will give you impartial advice. It's probably worth phoning them, and discussing it with someone who knows what they're talking about

Good luck

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