visitors this weekend

I am really happy this weekend as I'm having visitor from West London coming up to see me in Norfolk, my daughter my granddaughter and 2 great granddaughters. they only stay over night but thats enough for me. last time i saw them was christmas when we went back down there to see all my children and grand children. I missed them when we moved, but had to be done as living by Heathrow and Northolt airports and 3 motorways close by didnt do me any good

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  • Brilliant, you're going to have a fine old time but the youngsters will keep you on your toes. Have an amazing weekend and I bet you sleep well afterwards lol!

  • thank you I think I will having a 4 year old and an 18month old in the house plus my 2 dogs who love visitors coming, bedlam comes to mind lol xx

  • That's wonderful Joyce👍 You'll have a great time with your family, have a lot to catch up with & a few laughs as well 😂

    Hope you enjoy yourself & do come back & tell us how it went. 🌹

  • thanks Jessy

  • Hello Joyce. How very wonderful. Great grandchildren too did you say?? That's going to a useful of fun this weekend for you. 😊🎶🚸🚸 Have a lovely time and a good rest after. 😊

    Cas xx

  • Sounds great. Have a wonderful time. And build in recovery time afterwards.


    K xxx

  • Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute. Xxx

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