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can sarcoidosis develop from other lung condition ?

can sarcoidosis develop from other lung condition ?

Why am I asking .. Well I have had few spots rash near my hair line and I was reading given issues it could be immune response given my lung trouble.

Sarcoidosis Skin think the call it ... Funny how I have Granuloma and those funky things near hair line.

Anyway a cought my lung doctor looking at ct image of my throat I did wonder why could he of been looking for scarcoidosis.

So issue is scarcoidosis v asbestosis or more like asbestosis and scarcoidosis

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Sarc is granuloma forming especially in lungs and airways causing scarring so it is worth checking out with doc. Rash could be an immune response or something else.

Pete has terrible placque growtha on his shins that are very itchy and has been diagnosed with lichen simplex eczema. Does your rash itch?

Wishing you well JAS and l would be interested to know what you find out. Used to be lung biopsy to determine if sarc was present. Xxx


Hi Sassy the like crusty spots .. The don't ich but when I have picked em of the just grow back the same.

On my ct report it as said I had hole lobe Granuloma ... Guess that's why my x inexperienced gp was so kind to mis DX as cancer

Lucky what do gp's no about Granuloma.

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Probably not much JAS and it does sound like it if it is growing back again. That is what happens to Pete, it just grows and then spreads. Not nice but needs checking out. Take care. xxxx

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Defo agree with you there.

Might go docs and say ya no how my vit D is depleted and i have calcium depaosits in lungs from resloved granuloma do you think funky things on my hair line might grow into devils horns.

Have same thing on my nose sometimes hurts then i can just pick it of BUT always come back the same.

Bet is that scar skin stuff as thats like round things AS is i have been pretty maxed out this week at doc's.

Think if i go again I will where there patients bit thin.


You little devil you! Take care JAS xxx


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