Hi everyone (david1968)

Sorry ive not been on for agaes, work work and more work all over the country and europe. I do nip in from time to time just to make sure you lovely people are doing ok. Good to see everyone still communicating and giving advice, fantastic community spirit. Well the weather up in bonny scotland has been nice the bast few days, when i say nice i mean its not been windy-rainy-coldish lol anything over 10c is a heat wave for us. Me the wife and boys are off to Frace in a few weeks so hope its hotter over there, can't wait for the break. Well take care and i will still nip in each week for advice and support. All the best.


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  • Good morning David,

    It's so good to know that some like you are keeping the wheels of commerce and industry turning . You sound ready for your break - it will be lovely to have your family all together, and I am pretty sure it will be warmer where you are going:-)

    I don't care what the weather is like in Scotland - I love it.


  • Thank you, i travel all over and to be honest there is no place like scotland, the landscape-hills-history-green lands are all fantastic apart from the weather but we can't have it all lol.

  • ...the weather is meant to keep us Sassenachs out....heh heh....it doesn't


  • Nice to know you are doing well, David. Hope your family have a lovely holiday in France...and they have sorted out the fuel problems by then! Are the dogs going with you?

    Tee x

  • No I've booked them all into the kennels, good wee break for them too lol😰

  • Have a wonderful time x

  • Hope you all have a wonderful holiday in France, even though by the sounds of it you'll be missing bonnie Scotland!!

  • I will miss it but won't miss the summer weather, dizzy heights of 19c now and again lol France is alway roasting.

  • Hello David 1968, nice to meet you so to speak! How fantastic that your work can take you to other lands. Also nice to be having a "restful" (?) holiday with your family in France soon. Do take some photos to make us all green with envy. Have a great time.

  • I will do and I can't wait, much needed break

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