Hi I have severe Copd. Has anyone ever used the Aerosure it was advertised in the newspaper yesterday. Said it was for Copd sufferers and can help with breathing. It's cost is £129.99 as its on offer in the Sun newspaper at the moment. I will try anything to be able to breathe, but it would be good if anyone has tried it. Plus does it work and how affective is it? Offer is on till 31/07/16 . Hope all is well with you all or as well as can be expected. Please advise if tried thank you.

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  • Hi patj, no I haven't used it, but have just googled it and one of the links about it is to BLF. That, to me, gives it credibility.

    Do let us know how you get on if you go for it. Sue x

  • The BLF don't endorse this as far as I know but do get a bit of money for lending their name to it.

  • Ah, thanks Toci. A bit of money's better than nothing I suppose!. Sue

  • Hi

    Type Aerosure into search box at top page there are numerous post about the device.

    I use one and believe it helps, as it is motorised no effort is required by user. It is a two in one device also helps to remove mucus, though mucus only devices are also available on prescription.

    I would visit the Aerosure website to check latest deal, free postage , spare head valued at £30 approximately.

  • Please check with your respiratory team patj as it may not be suitable for you. It is not suitable for people who have had a pneumothorax so that rules me out.

  • Yes, do check with your team or at least with the BLF helpline before you buy, I am sure I have read that damage can occur if you don't check its suitability for you first.

    Let's us know how you go...


  • I have had my aerosure for nearly 2 years and find it a great help to get mucus up and if used twice a day it will keep you from getting a build up of mucus.

  • Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has investigated the claims made by the manufacturer and has ruled against them. The ASA says "The ad must not appear again in the form complained about. We told Actegy they should not make claims that the Aerosure Medic device was clinically tested, that it could reduce breathlessness and improve respiratory fitness or that it could improve mucus and phlegm clearance."

    The full text of the adjudication can be found at

  • Thank you all for your replies I have know heard enough to make me say no I'm not going to buy it.

    I wanted it for breathlessness not for mucus.

    Thanks again as usual so much help from here.

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