COPD and Dementia linked?


My father has recently been diagnosed with COPD and is now on Oxygen therapy 24/7. He was recently discharged from hospital after having 8 litres of fluid drained off of his left lung. Last night we had ambulance out due to dad complaining of pain in his back and when they listened to the right side of his chest they could hear fluid on his right lung. Tonight he was very confused and asked where his mum was and if anyone had seen her. My dad has not seen his mother for over 5 years now and she is now in a home herself due to her having dementia. Is COPD linked to dementia and is dementia hereditary? I work in care myself and have never seen this before. Could anyone offer some advice.

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  • This happened to my friends mum she wasn't getting enough oxygen,u should talk to gp 'just to make sure ,

  • Hi it also can happen with a UTI. This can affect older people quite severely and my dad got very confused and aggressive with his. x

  • I have spoken to the ohs doctor about this as my short term memory is rubbish and she said it's due to reduced oxygen to the brain. To be honest I thought I had early dementia but she laughed and said no, it's typical for copd.

  • Thank you everyone, I've asked my mum to mention it to the district nurses tomorrow and get dad tested for a uti.

  • Uti's, infections, temperatures, can all cause temporary confusion ; so best to get dad checked out. X

  • Any infection (chest, urine, kidney etc etc)in an elderly person can cause confusion and once it's cleared up the person usually returns to normal, so not necessary first signs of Alzheimers.

    Can also happen if person is very constipated

    Hope this is reassuring and helpful. You must be very worried

  • my memory is shocking my old man says I have more CRAFT moments than anything these days I dread to think what I'm going to be like in a few years. I do think COPD is responsible for more than we know.

  • You. Don't have to have an infection to have a bad memory. I have a bad memory with or with out an infection and I am only 58

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