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P.I Function on Pulse Oximeter

P.I Function on Pulse Oximeter

Having suffered from SEPSIS this been lot of chat ABOUT if you can pic up septic event with SPO2 meter .. Of curse I would say you can IF your PI Perfusion to Oximeter was within perimeters then all of a sudden dropped and you started feeling unwell.

Anyway it's bit more complex with lot of fancy names BUT ITs a new feature more understandable one on pulse oximeter BIT better than a plethysmograph (or 'Pleth' for short) wave form you see on some you might buy.

I for one welcome any new perimeters we can manage gauge our condition with that keeps us out of AE

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Living is about learning and you teach me stuff I had no idea existed! Many thanks for the information.

Glad you like Toci just ordered myself new one with pi function .. Like the say it's not perfect but if you know your numbers can only help.

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