Little man 1 : Council 0

A couple of weeks ago I had the misfortune to go to Norwich at nearly midnight to collect my daughter on her return form London.

Never being in Norwich before I was reliant on the sat-nav. After several laps of the city centre, littered with temporary one-way, no-entry, turn left, turn right etc signs I finally met her and all was good .. or so I thought.

A few days later the fine arrived for travelling in a bus lane complete with a picture of me in the lane. I argued that the signage for the road works was poor, I followed the signs and, whether positioned by road workers or local drunken youths I couldn't say but I followed the signs up the bus lane!

Clearly they can't prove/disprove my assertion so today the emailed to say that they will refund the ยฃ30 fine!

Sometimes arguing is the right thing to do ... drink anyone?


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I was coming home from Littlehampton yesterday on the A24, the Worthing Road had been closed due to an accident. No signs for diversion, I didn't know any other way home! So retuned the say nav it took me down narrow lanes, telling me to turn left then right, leading me up someone's drive, them into an equestrian centre. I retuned it and it just went divvy. Eventually I arrived home after 2 hours of going round and around in circles. I turned it off when I found Road signs to Dorking

Well done! Xxx ๐Ÿ˜‰

So pleased to hear you won. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ””๐Ÿ‘ x

Well done Y_not. Unlike yourself I wasn't so successful. I, unfortunately, parked outside my own house which had a dropped curb to allow access. My Smart car had two wheels parked on the curb stones. ย I got a ยฃ70 fine for restricting pedestrian access. Be careful it seems this by law is now becoming nationwide.


Oh good for you!

Getting round Norwich at the moment due to roadworks. There are more due all summer.

Grrrrrr.....Always worth it. A victory:-)

Glad I don't drive.

ย Yay! ย *clap clap* :)

It happened to us last year when a ย  Parking fine arrived from M/r city council for driving down a bus lane. I pointed out that the date of the offence was a Monday and we had sold the car on the Saturday. We had a witness, sent them the new keepers name, address and telephone number and told themto check with DVLA who had been notified and had details if our new car. This wasn't good enough and wanted a. Copy invoice which I didn't have only a note I gave him for his cash.. They dug their heels in and I agreed for a hearing in front of a legal person who would decide the outcome.without us being present.. The council sent us copies of the documents they submitted all 149 of them. I stated that an invoice was not necessary on a private sale as it was with a business . There case was squashed by the adjudicator and they were forced to cancel the claim. And told I had done everything correctly.

Think of all the money the council spent on that Joyce! ย Money that could be spent on other more important things upkeep of school buildings and so on! ย Makes me cross. ย How could their solicitor have thought they had a case!

I had told them I could have invented an invoice at the time they asked to get rid of them but I am not that kind of person. I was angry at the time I had to spend on it. They even said at the end they believed we could have sold the vehicle but would not cancel without the invoice. Idiots.

Mad, just MAD! ย I would have done just as you had done well done for taking them on. ย I wonder how many others would have ย just paid? ย Why should you basically do a dishonest thing like make up an invoice when you had been honest with them and all they had to do was check and in the end you were vindicated by the adjudicator!

You have to remember that they become councillors because they weren't very good in private business - spending other peoples money with an endless supply doesn't take too much sense!

I love it when I hear that the "little man" has won! The fools in charge often don't have a clue about life, honesty or fairness!ย 

Whenever I've had to appear in court, if there's a 'right' side to my story, the judge always seems to understand and either adjusts downward whatever fine might've been attached or dismisses the whole matter promptly.

You're absolutely correct; it's better to speak up and declare yourself than not to and let them have their way with your life.

well done , do you live near Norwich then

No, Derbyshire but my daughter & grandkids like near Cromer (good excuse to get to the seaside).

ah i see not to far from me ,ย  i have a son lives near Cromer from my first marriage

A thought about the earlier posts in this Thread. Not all Sat Nav are made equal. Some do not get updated and some have better Route Divert auto Route Recalculate features.ย 

To everyone who has fought The Jobsworth and won, well done.


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