Mother much improved

Hello and thanks to all of you who helped me when my mother was in hospital.  I thought I'd bring you up to date 

She was discharged after 12 days, and I went to stay with her because she was so weak, tired and frail.  Staying was much easier than the constant trekking the 80 odd miles to & from the hospital.  She's been able to attend to her personal care needs including her new colostomy bag (Not bad for an 89 year old, eh?) while I was doing the shopping, cooking, light housework etc etc.  I stayed for 2 weeks, coming home yesterday.  I plan to return for 24 hours every week to stock her freezer with instant dinners and make sure she can manage these.

It's been a hard few weeks and I now feel exhausted, due to my difficulty, (with severe COPD) of living in someone elses home, being extremely bored,  and being very patient with mother all the time - I could never have been a nurse!!  

 One good thing though was using her scooter and getting out into the local community.  Being very chatty, I made friends with the local greengrocer, a charming Austrian couple running a cafe where I had marvellous coffee, and a chap called Eddie who has a mobility scooter that looks like a motor bike at the front-end and an ordinary scooter at the back-end.  He'd been a Hell's Angel and decorated his scooter with studs, bandannas and chrome attachments. He's a really nice guy who gave me scooter-envy!  By the end of the 2 weeks they were asking me how my mother was 

I'm now looking forward to picking up my busy social life again, but will take it slowly. Today, I plan to go to my local garden centre on my own scooter, and get my head together looking at the flowers and plants,  and eating a wonderful cheese scone in the cafe.

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  • What a lovely post Lynne, your a star well done for doing what you had to do (and I'm sure wanted to do) for your Mum. Every cloud has a silver lining! You enjoy some me time today and enjoy your cheese scone. Love S Xx

  • Time for you to have a nice relaxing day I think, you've certainly earned it. Sounds like you're a chip off the old block - clearly you're as capable as your mum in coping with big changes in your life - well done, the pair of you. I hope your mum continues to improve and that you now have more time to resume your 'more normal' life.

  • Time for a bit of me time. Enjoy the garden centre and the cheese scone!

  • So pleased mum is recovering so well. Isn't it great to be able to make the most of life despite difficult circumstances. Meeting new people, enjoying the scooter, great.  So pleased you are now able to have a more restful time. Enjoy the garden centre.. x

  • Wow I think you are amazing to look after your mum when you have your own serious health problems!    I hope you and your mum are ok.  x

  • Hi Lynne, pleased to hear your Mum is home & seems to be managing ok. You deserve a rest & to resume your own routine. 

    Sounds like you are a very capable person & I've a feeling you got that from your Mum! She's an amazing person for an 89yr old. 👏

    Hope everything continues to improve for your Mum & I'm sure she appreciates all the help you give her. 

    Enjoy your outing to the garden centre & hope you buy some lovely plants 💐

  • Golod morning Lynne,

    Am happy for you, and for your Mum - doing so well with her colostomy. I hope all your plans work out perfectly...and you have a lovely hour or so at the Garden Centre today. You are certainly a chip off the old block.

    Wishing you both well.


  • So glad everything is going well with your Mum and that you are doing well too.  Your Mother is very lucky to have you together her like this.  Try not to over do things though we don't want you getting ill.

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