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Hi everyone, would really appreciate some info and advice for my husband. He was diagnosed with COPD about 2 years ago and not suffered too many symptoms up until now. For the last month or two he seems to cough non stop first thing in the morning and last thing at night, with several episodes during the day sometimes. The cough is exceptionally 'mucousy' but it is generally clear. Often he ends up vomiting! He gave up smoking around 20 years ago and has recently lost 3 stone in weight and is generally fit, breathes easily and exercises regularly. 

Can anyone suggest a way of reducing the impact of this cough, it makes my heart bleed listening to him sometimes! Oh and he is only stage 1/2 with 97% oxygen and 70 on the spirometer scale thingy. 

So sorry to take up with such a lengthy post!


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  •  I would make an appointment and get him checked over he may have a chest infection and need a course of antibiotics...The rule of thumb is any change in symptoms should be looked at.

    Untill then honey lemon and hot water is excellent at easing a cough...I hope he feels better soon

  • Thanks for the reply, he has iterally just finished his usual antibiotics and steroid meds for exacerbations but this has not helped. They checked his chest and all was clear. He says that he feels like he is drowning in mucous sometimes. He was also recently prescribed mucolytics but they seem to have increased the mucous. Wondered if it could be allergy related. 

  • Yeah that loosens the mucus so may have something to do with it

    Take him back honey and take a sputum sample with you he may need different antibiotics ive just had 2 courses of them and now on a third which is a different type. 

  • Hi I've just been put o mucodyne syrup because I was chocking on it ,but this syrup has thin it down and having less of it x

  • Mabey needs his heart and lung s checked by dr Mabey X Ray needed 

  • Thank you, will take him to see his pulmonary nurse.....again..

  • My husband was also put on the strongest antibiotics they have, helped the infections but not the cough.

  • Hello

    I would definitely get him checked out by the GP.


  • Hi hilhoop, just read other replies and totally agree, but also as mandy said a sputum would be a good start. I don't have copd, but have bronchiectasis and my cough is very much like that when I have an infection. hope things work out. janx

  • " Hello to you Hilhoop..this is just a is the tree pollen season at the moment with plenty of other pollens ready to invade us..I'm stage 4 fev1 27%.. And while the pollen count is so high...I develop a nasty chesty cough.. So it could be the pollen count Tha could be irritating your husbands lungs and causing this constant cough..was just a thought..But like a lot on here have your Dr...Megan."

  • Hi another thing which could help is to drink more water.  Water is the best thing to drink and helps to thin the mucus so it is easier to cough up.  x

  • Sounds like a chest infection so get him to the Doctors and insist on an investigation. 

  • Thanks for all the replies.....I personally think it is an allergy, but antihistamine didn't seem to do anything. He refuses to go to the doctors as he has only just seems the nurse who said he is fine.....however she hasn't heard his cough or seen the amount of mucous (which is always clear!). He is currently trying to avoid dairy to see if it helps, I am hoping something makes a difference as he has hurt his sternum and ribs from all the coughing! 

  • A build up of pressure in the lungs can cause coughing, has he had pulmonary function tests and cardiac echo recently?

    Nebulised saline ( salty water) would help to losen the mucus for excretion and then ask GP to prescribe something to calm down the irritated airways.

    I hope he feels better soon and that both of you can get a decent sleep, coughing is exhausting.

  • Thanks everyone for your help, just thought I would up date the thread. He. Refused to see the doctor but has cut out all dairy from his diet and is so much better. Coughs in the morning and a bit in the evening, but otherwise good! 

  • Hello Hilhoop, I have the same problem with my husband who is on oxygen 24/7. In the last 5 years we have found nothing for this awfull cough. I worry when I nip out for an hour but respiratory nurse just says " worst synario is he would pass out but come round soon after. Omg I daren't go anywhere now. 

    Like you I would love someone on here to give advice as no one seems to have any. Thinking about you.

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