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Asbestos. Defuse thickening

Engineer worked in power stations& government  establishments.    (Harwell  aldermaston).   1953.  ---- 1960.    Diagnosed with pleural plaque 1986 not meeting gov criteria.    Unwell on& off.   1987------2002.   Diagnosed   Pleural.  Thickening still not able to claim as my disabilaty was only 5%.  Made many more claims over the next 6 years. Then was told that a x Ray had been missread.  Finally diagnosed 60% loss of lung function claim back dated 6 years + compensation for the way the dept of health & ATOS handled it if any has had this sort of problem do not give up go to the CAB they will advise you .

Had new assessment last week. 70%.   Disabled

As for uniphyllin.   No improvement 200mg. Dose now 400mg waiting for blood test resultsFostairl lnhaler really helps.  Also actegy. Make a breathing aid (not onNHS) excellent


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So glad you didn't give up. Well done and good to hear from you. Xxx 

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Hi did you smoke , I have pleural   Thickening  had exposer t asbestos  my class room had asbestos   In the ceiling   On a really windy day it would be everywhere in the class room   So I had to sweep it up I didn't know what it was but it needed to be away before the children came in 

7 years later the education dept moved us to another school and the building was pulled down because of asbestos , now have sevre COPD  powers that be say it's because I smoked !!    Yes but stopped 26 years ago  

You take care 


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Don't give up  keep asking for a new assessment 

It's not all about money it's about keeping the next generation safe & not using castagenic materials when producing goods

Contact the CAB they will help you find a solicitor with out charge  you can ask the local council where  the school was for information about the when the school was built & which materials used  & why it was pulled down this is under the freedom of information

Or look on the web for a no win no fee asbestos   Claims company   

All the best you will win in the end

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Last time i seen so called IIDB doctor he said he had seen my xray transpired the had not even looked at it.

The tried everything to wingle out of my own claim even with holding  ct scan images.

Al my own papers been archived .. The up to all dirty tricks.

Am surprised the never used time limits from you dx to dismis your claim.


Time limits are bullsh*t. If they misdiagnose.   

They tried that ruse I saw the same doctor in 2002 as in 1986

He went very red and said he recognised the notes I said yes they are yours

He replied we must get this sorted.  2 weeks later I was told yes you have had this since 1986  so Please fight on you will win

Good luck


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Hi cheers i plan to .. am just waitimg to get hold of indisputable medical evidance.

Seeing my lung doctor may  so going to have it out with him   


It takes some time to get it sorted so keep chilled about it

How old are you ?    Iam 78.     First diagnosed   Age 50

Claim accepted.    Age 64.          So life still goes on.          kEEP FIGHTING.     You will win        Don't let the bar stands grind you down


Hi Cheers all be lucky if I see 50 really ... My clue I was suffering from asbestos was asbestos fibers been coughing up.

Anyway it's long story really but 3 years ago a mean malicious doctor after xray said o your one with cancer "news to me" but what I found out other month she was referring to Granuloma or Silcosis of the top of my right lung depending on if you take into account occupation exposer to asbestos cement & asbestos or just say it's infection.

Long and short is my doctor thinks it infection totaly dismiss my work history BUT like the say with any asbestos claim if you can't do camera you look at what's being coughed up.

My doctor as totaly dismissed stuff I cough up and pain the fibers stuck in your throat cause .. as am sure as suffer your all to aware of pain breathing issues in your chest.


Copd123 I am a 55 year old male. I was a smoker for 25 years but have quit smoking recently. I recently suffered from pneumonia & the next chest x-ray showed pleural thickening. I am very tensed about asbestos diseases. Can you please update your condition now? Do you have any asbestos related disease? What was the cause of your pleural thickening? What were your symptoms? Did you had pleural effusion?


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