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Interstitial Lung Desease UIP

I am in the early stages of UIP with symptoms of coughing SOB, clearing my throat all the time, depression and stiffness in my neck and upper back. They say it's from stress. A drug called OFEV has been recommended to slow down the progression? Does anyone one have anything they can share about their experiences with this disease or OFEV?

Thanks, Lynda

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Good morning Lynda.  I don't know of this drug, but hopefully someone on here will have some advice for you.



G'day Lynda

There are 2 drugs currently being used in the USA for Lung Fibrosis :::  Ofev and Esbriet.

These drugs have been helping some but downright dangerous for others, please consult your Dr and if you start on them be careful. 


Please click on the address below. It will open on page 3 but it is important that you also read Page 1 & 2.


Hope the kids have been able to visit since we last talked.

Best wishes

Will (Australia)


Check out all the pros and cons with others here Linda, maybe ring the BLF helpline and get your doctor to give you a detailed account of what you could expect in terms of benefits and side effects.  They should be able to guide you in the right direction but it's important to be as well informed as possible about all your meds. 


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