Give our lungs a rest?

Thinking about medicines. They are all drugs. Many have to be 'carried' to the point of efficacy using inactive stuff. Now I only drink wine but I give my liver a rest every week - 1-3 days alcohol free days. Here's the thing - we COPD sufferers inhale a significant amount every day. Some is active and goes into the blood stream, loading liver and kidneys of course; but some is not but carries the active to destination. What remains must, well remain. Does it help or hinder our breathing? Could we benefit from a day off every week?

Any experts out there willing to think outside the thorax?

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An interesting question. I don't know and I am not going to be the one to test it:-)  

Has anyone else on here tried it?


"Jennifer..At least you understood that there was a trying to still figure out his point..."

I am having difficulty understanding it too x

" Thats a relief Thought it was lack of oxygen for a second..Whips me Megan"

Makes a change from Pets R Us

" Sometime light hearted subjects are are a welcome distraction from very depressing Lung conditions...But! Yes.. I do hear your point of view and most the time I do try to post only on lung diseases..Have lovely weekend..

Thank you and please do the same. I was just a little surprised at your somewhat dismissive response to a serious question on a lung related issue, when the last six I'd read had been about people and their pets. I agree pets play a vital role in human relationships but let's try and keep things in perspective. It was less than 6 months ago that there was a real division on this site about the pros and cons and certain people promised to amend their behaviour but alas we seem to be back where we started with multiple posts per day on the same theme. Not looking to start a debate so I won't say anything else.

" One last comment in my defence Warwickshirestag. I truly didn't read the question as a serious question. Having been a working professional..then it would be committing suicide to stop taking certain much needed medication. And my mistake. I didn't see at first reading where alcohol came into it by abstaining for a few days was all. So once again I was very wrong to look as I was being flippent to what now seems a series question. Still if we dont make mistakes...we never learn.. And I've. Learnt lesson...Megan."

One final last comment. My apologies - I'm not a pro and was obviously mistaken. Happy to bow to your superior knowledge.

Not try it without professional advice - which is what I asked for.

Well not voluntarily, when I got took in with pancreatitis the other year they stopped everything immediately cos they didn't know the cause, but my immediate problem was my joints cos I am on steroids for RA and needless to say I was in pain the next morning, but didn't have time to impact on my lungs.  janx

The stuff in our inhalers goes into our lungs. Our lungs are not working properly because the membranes that transfer oxygen and carbon dioxide with our blood are damaged and /or congested. So, if after a few years of inhaling stuff the membranes are also coated in residues of that stuff does that help, hinder or not matter? That is the question. If it it causes harm then a rest from the inhalers might be a good idea? So, like I said, any professional out there willing to comment so I can talk to my medics about it.

Hi there are no professionals on the board,  why don't you ring the BLF on Monday and ask the nurses there?   The number is under the red balloon at the top of the page.  x

What, professional don't get COPD? But thanks - fear I will get fobbed off. Too far out of the box.

Well professionals wouldn't need the support of a site like this.   As far as I am aware there are no doctors or respiratory trained nurses on the board,  and even if there were they wouldn't be able to give out 'expert' advice over the net.    The best you will be able to get on here are opinions of other lung sufferers.

The only way to contact suitably qualified people is to speak to the BLF nurses.  x

I'm sure Bev is right Timberman, but I understand your concern - hopefully our medication gradually disappears once it has done it's job.  I think the dosage has been worked out very well through ongoing Lab. testing over time to do the most good and least damage, and at the moment we cannot ask for more if what we are taking is enabling us to live and breathe.  I hope you are worrying unnecessarily.

Hi - Thanks for that but not worrying as such. However if we inhale three different drugs every day in seven doses the possibility of the lungs clearing does not arise. My thought is that allowing them to do so might actually enhance the efficacy of the active ingredient. I guess we all remember the first time we were put on one of these drugs or doses and the immediate improvement. But does it wane? Can it be restored? I plan to discuss with my GP and/or specialist.

Best course of action I think, Timberman .  Good luck :-)

I for one am not going to try going without any of my medication just to test out a theory without them I would be unable to get through a day.

Absolutely no one should do it for an experiment - that's why I am seeking advice and / or experience.

Mmm ponderable Timberman but I'm no expert!

Not a professional opinion, but I personally only take my Spiriva when I really feel I need it, which on average is about once a week.

I based what I do on the fact that I have read so many people say they feel good the first day they take Spiriva, then after that they feel worse and usually ask on forums should they continue. To which, of course, almost everyone replies that they need to persevere.

Personally, I find what I do helps me. Spiriva also helps me on flights.

My doctor knows and doesn't disagree. He knows I prefer natural ways to treat things.

But that's just what I do - not advice in any way.


I don't know if I am understanding this right but most drugs course some harm to your body's but you have to take them. Because you would worse if you didn't. Steroids do more harm than good. My madication is not helping me at the moment due to me having a low immune system and I am waiting to see a immunologist. I have recently been diagnosed with 2 auto immune disorders and have to take medication that can damage your liver and kidneys but still have to take them. And been put on tablets that I have to stop taking them when I have to go on antibiotics can you explain that to me 

Hi - Well my point is that inhalation is specifically delivering drugs to the very membranes that are damaged. So if there is any residue left then it will make the situation worse. But maybe if the membranes were given a rest (like the kidneys and liver) they could recover some action and improve breathing. Anyway so far this has drawn a lot of useful comments, like yours, but it seems so far no one has any experience or knowledge - so I am going to raise it my medical people and see what they say. If they even slightly agree I will give it a go and report back. Who knows? Given what we all go through it has to be worth a try?

Just now I am listening to this guy - give him a try - it's soothing

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