Rant coming

Morning everyone.

I would just like to get it out there before I start that I love NHS, and after from the incompertant doctor I saw the first time I was taken to hospital in 2011 my treatment has been brilliant.

When I saw my consultant the first time she took a full history from me including my slight build and weight, I was poked and prodded and tested within an inch of my life, she promised if it went to transplant she would fight my corner.

Then I seemed to be relegated to one of her minions which is fine if others needs are greater than mine, he was nice enough but didn't know anything about me so we were off and running and with the tests and questions. He put me forward for transplant and I wasn't even considered, they told him not me I wasn't suitable because of my size.

Yesterday I had an appointment and I'm relegated to one of his minions, which again is fine they all have to learn. But what was the first thing she said, your BMI is very low we need to work on that. So we were off again. Then she starts about transplant again

I wanted run to the roof if I had the energy and scream I am little because I just am, not because of my illness.

What does it take to convince people, she obviously hasn't read my notes or she would know I have my oxygen levels checked and nutritionist come and 6 months. And that I was turned down for transplant because of my BMI.

Rant over.

Kim xxx

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  • You have every right to have a rant kimmy, who wouldn't in your position. You are you so what do doctors want from you? You can't just pile the weight on if you are.not that way inclined.

    Surely someone can be on your side.

    Hope you get a solution soon.

    Take care. Xxx

  • Thank you. I feel I shouldn't moan I'm so lucky compared with some poor people. Its just frustrating that they think they're right. 

    Kim xx

  • Hi kimmy,  Every time I see the consultant he bangs on about my weight which off the scale. Spent over six months doing scans etc etc looking for a hidden cancer because I'd lost weight - except I hadn't. I'm a stick insect, and the effort of breathing can be like a day-long workout!

    When you go to the hospital you want to be heard as well as seen, and not have to go through a ground-hog day thing. First lesson for minions - sitting in front of you is a person, not a statistic. Please treat with care.

    I'm really sorry you were turned down for transplant because of your BMI. Where do you go from here or is that a really stupid question??

    Take care,

    Sue xxx

  • Doesn't it get on your nerves. I've never got to 7st in my life, but now at 56 with a lung condition they expect me to pile on the pounds, never going to happen and because of that I'm not suitable for transplant. But I wasn't  even offered an appointment to see them


  • Is this something you want to push for? To discuss with the experts, and know more from them? Or can't you risk any more put-downs just now?

    I think you look lovely in your pic.

    Sue x

  • I just wanted the opportunity to go on the transplant list. I know organs are precious and the criteria has to be strict, but I've read on here numerous times people being told they need to lose/grain weight get their fitness levels as high as possible then they can be considered for the list. I wasn't even given that option it was my consultant wrote to them at Harefield they wrote back to him, no her BMI is to low. Because they have assumed like most medical professionals I see its because I'm ill, and its not. When I had double Pneumonia I lost a stone and I was the first to admit it I needed to gain weight, and I've gone back to my normal size.


  • I can see what's getting to you about this, Kim. Is it worth going back to your GP and asking him to plead your case, back you up, fight your corner? Some people are small, but perfectly formed. You,I think, want them to see you and you want to be seen. Am I rambling?

    Sue xx

  • Well the doctor I saw yesterday said she is going to try again but I'm not holding out much hope. I'm just sick of it having to explain myself done it all my life I can't help being thin. 

    Kim xx

  • That, Kim, I do know about and know how it feels. 

    Cashew nuts?

    Lots I want to say - maybe I'd better shut up for a bit.

    Sue xx

  • No you don't need to shut up, I'll try Cashew nuts. Lol

    Kim xx

  • Thanks Sue never saw that bit. 

    Kim xx

  • Hi Kimmy, I've started taking Impact weight gaining protein. They have loads of different ones to choose from. I chose the diet, lean muscle one because I don't need to gain weight but muscle, especially in my legs.

    I thought I couldn't take the body builders one because I don't exercise enough but, my tall, willowy son desperately needs to gain weight and he doesn't do exercise and after reading up, he chose Hard Gainer Extreme, because it could be taken as a meal supplement.

    He got chocolate and says it is nice but, he feels very full for a while after taking it. It's a thicker consistency than mine too.

    You can read the reviews to choose the right one for yourself and they state whether they can be taken just as a meal supplement. They are always on offer too.

    They are a little sweet but, delicious. I got strawberry flavour and take it after exercise. (Well, walking the dog lol.) xx

  • I'll take a look thank you. When it was first mentioned about transplant my nutritionist put me on one called Pro Cal shots, very thick but ok and I had to have so many ml a day, well not to give to many details it didn't agree with me so I had to stop. Then they turned me down anyway so he didn't see the point.

    Kim xx

  • Hi kimmy, I bought some protein powder to make milk shakes which I drank in addition to my normal meals and I did put on weight. 

    Best check with your GP to see if they would be suitable for you..eg if you have kidney problems . I made them with cold milk and used a straw which I found easier.

  • Thanks I will ask my nutritionist if I have any luck, if not I don't see the point. 

    Kim xx

  • We all need a rant at times and on this occasion yours is totally justified.   You must be so angry and rightly so.   Hang in there.  Hopefully the this doctor could just be the one to actually help you.  xx

  • Lets hope so, but I suspect its just going to be another long wait with the same outcome.

    Kim xxx

  • I would of thought being fit and under weight would of been better than over weight. Things have changed since I worked for the NHS but if your tiny and that is in the family then so be it you can't make a person who is 4' 10" 6 feet tall no mater how you try

  • You can't tell them I'm afraid, if you don't fall within the guidelines thats it, but there are exceptions to each rule.

    Kim xx

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