Mother's day suprise

Mother's day suprise

I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday. My daughter who lives 140 miles away in Hertfordshire came to see. She drove all the way here and all the way back in the same day because she had to work Saturday and today. She will be 50 in April but only passed her driving test first time last November. What a lovely daughter I have! Keep smiling

Carole x

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Hello Carole,

Yes - you have a lovely daughter to be proud of. No wonder you look happy. I am sure you enjoyed every second of her visit, and I bet also you worried for her all they way back to her Hertfordshire home :-)

Jennifer xx

I did Jennifer, couldn't wait for her text to say she was home. We always go for a short holiday in April. We are going to Weymouth this year, can't wait


I knew!

When my daughter comes to see me and we go out she always has to remind me when we are waiting to cross the road, "Mum, don't hold my hand, I am 55" :-D :-D

Now you have your holiday to look forward to, how lovely. The sun is shining today too, and that makes you feel brighter.

Jennifer xx

That's a long drive in one day for someone who has only just passed there test....

That's also a lovely photo...wishing you meny more visits like that one☺

Andy xx.

She is indeed a lovely daughter and so thoughtful to drive all that way.

What a lovely surprise for you Carol. X

What a wonderful surprise for you Carole and what a special daughter you have too. Hope you had a great day. Take care xxxxx

How lovely for you Carole.. bet you were buzzing and then anxious after she set off back to Hertfordshire. Well done to your daughter..proud of her myself for you. Glad you had a lovely time together, we always worry about our children. My son is 24 this May he's in the armed forces did his tour in Afghanistan age18. He's living his dream (his words not mine) he always wanted to be a soldier right from being a little boy. But I always get "mum I'm not 2 anymore" but he will always be my baby lol.

Take care, let us all know how your holiday went. In the meantime look forward to it.. with your lovely daughter.


What a beautiful thing to do! Obviously you are her fabulous mum and betcha so proud she did that for you! Hey she really is excellent especially not long past her test! Made me smile reading your post thank you both! X

Hullo, Carole, -- we do appreciate our daughters (and son) so much. When I lived in Herts., Lindsey used to the return trip in a day, during troubled times. We did it recently to a funeral in ROyston. Whacked when I got home. I have been complaining about extreme breathlessness on exertion, and as advised by all the great people in this forum, have now got aptment Wed. pm. So soon!! A new pair of lungs - I doubt it. X

Lovely photograph of the two of you ,What a lovely surprise Wow ,you are a lucky lady a,,good job your daughter passed her driving test ,I passed my test at age 50,,,,,but haven't driven since haha,,,,and you have another celebration to look forward to in April ,so take care ,

nice surprise for you , well done to your daughter for passing her test first time and it being later in life for her too bet now she is driving she wish she had done it years ago

That is quite a journey for a new driver...but she loves her mum, so you are worth it!

Lovely photo..

Tee x

Hi Carole

Thats one extra special daughter, you got there! Then I guess you know that already. How much time did you get to spend together? Shes pretty impressive, Carole. Glad you'll get to spend more time with her in April. Lovely photo.😊

Rubyxx 😊

Hello Carole what a lovely surprise from your daughter :) :) x

Aww, how lovely of your daughter to drive all that way and back so she could spend some of Mother's Day with you.

I admire her for passing her test 1st time.

I started learning 11 years ago and had to give it up when I took sick with suspected RA. I so regret not being able to carry on when I got a bit better. x

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