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Copd talking yo himself

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My hushand has end stage copd today he has spent all day , twitching calling out and talking to himself has anyone else had this pkease x

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I was just wondering if he has a temperature at all. If he is no better tomorrow I would contact the BLF helpline and his respiratory nurse.

I hope you both have a peaceful night ...take care

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mickeysmess in reply to knitter

He has no temperature , but you are right will contact respiritory nurses tomorrow , thankyou for caring havd a good night yourself love val x

Hi there Mickeymess, and yes definitely see Doctor first thing or even call the surgery and describe his behaviour etc, as I have experienced something similar a while back and it was an infection and I needed some intro v's of antibiotics. I'd ring them first thing so you know it's getting sorted. Wishing you both well.

Thankyou I will

As someone with IPF I know end-stage can be short or protracted. The only other man in my town died within 2 weeks a year or two after diagnosis. For God knows what reason I am on a much longer leaving.

Many replies, quite rightly, are practical tips but my reply is about the dying time.

I had the anguish of having my father, at his passing, call out repeatedly for my mother - who wasn't there because she said she couldn't bear it.

I didn't know how to behave - a nurse helped me.

Now I would talk aloud my thanks to him.

I would try to help him let go - give him 'permission' to pass on.

Depending on HIS beliefs I would pray aloud including asking those who knew him to prepare to receive him.

I would forgive and ask for forgiveness.

I would try to keep my grief off-stage - difficult I know.

Above all tell him that he is loved and goes with the love of others.

If he has religious belief, or you intuitively feel it right, tell him that you have prayed that his loved ones receive him on the 'other side'.

You are clearly in many people's thoughts.

Thankyou xx

My husband also has twitches. 2 comments, one was that his magnesium was found to be very low and he needed IV followed by oral medication. That had caused gross shaking especially when trying to do anything. The other that our doc did have suggestions for the medication for the single sudden twitches! a bit like those we can all get occasionally when falling asleep but which are coming mu ch more frequently

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mickeysmess in reply to Brishe1

Yes he had low magnesium before , thankyou for reminding me will call out doc xxx

i did that in hospital doctor told me it was a urine ifection.

Recently been in hospital next bed to a man with end stage emphysema and he was calling out twitching and talking to himself the nurse said it was because a lack of oxygen to the brain so check with a Doctor or resp nurse if he needs more oxygen hope this helps.

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