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A doubtful blessing

A few days ago when the temperature was oh so low and at freezing point, when out shopping I met so many people I know who wanted to stop and chat. In the normal way I would have liked that as I am a widow living alone, but all I wanted to do was get home as quickly as possible into the warm and have a nice hot drink. To cut a long story short, I felt as if my veins were freezing up inside me and - worst of

all - my chest was full of pebbles. Roll on summer!

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Don't blame you Sherry. Take care.



I absolutely hate this cold, wet weather. The none stop rain we've been having is depressing.

I feel like a caged bird, but, I can't face going out in it. It's straight to the super market and back for me. x


Hi Sherry,

Totally agree. I hate this freezing weather. I was in town on Wednesday to meet friends for lunch and although it was lovely seeing them I just felt so rough and just wanted to get home. Can't wait for spring. Be lovely just to sit in the garden.

Take care



Hi Sherry I could not agree more about wanting to get back in the warm when it is freezing...the shock to our lungs is daggers taken out of a freezer! Your pebbles analogy is also spot on, I have a continual raspy feeling from the inflammation in my airways which feels like a handful of gravel going up and down!!

Summer will be here soon when I hope you can get out more to meet friends, but as I am curled up in front of my toasty log burner enjoying catching up with how you are doing there are some upsides to this time of year. xx

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Know the feeling Sherry, but don't like to say I have to go when someone has bothered to stop and chat. Have a nice day x

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