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Is DeConditioning Something ONLY Space Men Women Suffer

Is DeConditioning Something ONLY Space Men Women Suffer

Or can those living and feet fermly on the floor ground SUFFER from it.

Following a DX of Generally De-Conditioning i could not help asking myself what is De-Conditioning Mean in relation to health lung diease.

Is it the art of being ill suffering malise fatigue.

Or is it some form of clinical recognition thst treatments condition all contrabute.

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It basically means you are not doing enough, physically. It is the 'use it or lose it' syndrome. Check out the chances of a PR course. :)


Hi cheers yer have tried even got home gym.

Is hard when everything is advancing i.e emphysema & bronchectasis don't know if its atropthy tho given verious symtoms.

But the right ya get sick of being sick


Yes, sick of being sick is spot on. And the last thing you want to do when you feel ill is take exercise. But if we don't - well, I have heard it described as 'suicide by sofa'.


Thats great analigy TAD grim but so tru.

Last time i seen rehab people the nackerd my breathing up.

Even tried swiming and ended up with rank infection.

Just wish was as cut n dry

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Have you tried the YouTube videos? There are a few for COPD exercises, some really gentle ones that can be done sitting down to get you going.

The first one is gentler than the second.


Hi Toci

Thanks for video's ... I struggle with pursed lip breathing always seem to have blocked nose and that don't help really.

I got me self one them home gym things same as this in Video as did like going gym but never really got there so have invested in on.

I use it twice a day as got easer to use and am sure it helps with lung clearance but it don't really stop infections or bugs trying it on.

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Just looking at that scares me to death!


Thank you for sharing very good exercises looking forward to getting over this virus and getting back to doing something


Hi! Sorry for late reply. I was told I had "Deconditioning" last year as breathlessness was severe, tho Asthma was finally well controlled, apparently (Have severe "DifficultAsthma" but supposedly controlled by many drugs inc Pred & Mycofenalate MOFETIL.) Had been give heart echoes & a plethora of other tests which all came back normal.

I couldn't believe I was so breathlessness just cos I'd got weak thru chronic Asthma for several years. Really sounds like an easy excuse to me!

Anyhow, I did join Respiratory Rehab classes but found them frankly degrading & physios taking them had a very poor attitude. ( I did complain!) I'm only 52 & found the whole experience very depressing, plus it did nothing to improve my very poor fitness levels.

However, with Summer on the way, altho very weak, I'd got interested in a little gentle gardening, bringing on teeny plug plants from a Qvc.. The shopping channel ( cos I have to sit about a lot, have it on for company & enjoyed the gardening progs)

I plant up the teeny 1.5cm plug plants of pansies, geraniums, busy Lizzie's etc into those polystyrene trays plants come in from garden centres, water them, a little feed & watch them grow large enough in a couple of months to plant into tubs ( I don't have a greenhouse) Then it's time for gentle lugging of compost bag to chair where filled tubs before planting plants out for Summer colour, plus the watering as I was able.. They certainly don't get a daily watering.. Far too much for me! Most survived anyhow.. When I'm well enough, I do a gentle pottering, often just 5 mins at a time before needing to rest as so breathless still. And when I'm too poorly, I sit & enjoy my little friends I've nurtured..

By the end of last Summer, this breathlessness.. Supposed "Deconditioning".. was unchanged, but I did have more strength, stamina too, tho think I'd come from almost frail to weak..

Then in Oct I side stepped Cats tail .. No trip, fall nothing, but broke bone in foot, which refuses to heal.. Steroids for you!

I'm shocked to find that my breathlessness seems worse than it's ever been, but somehow, I know what I need to do, Summer is in the way & I have 320 plug plants being delivered between end of March & May!

I've also treated myself to a VegTrug which means I can garden veg while sitting. There's no way I can dig borders for beans etc.. But in a VegTrug.. I could.

Quite excited about it all, lots of fresh air too. Just need it to stop raining!

Good luck with it all..

It is SO HARD,but my saying is NEVER GIVE UP!!

Hugs, Rose

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