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I wish I had found this site sooner, there is so much support. I felt lost and had to go for a drive at 3am this morning, crying my heart out because I don't no what to do anymore scared I will loose my daughter and that's when I came across all you lovely people sharing your experiences. So many positive posts a reminder that as a parent of a poorly child I am not alone.

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You will find a lot of women on here that you will be able to talk to as most of them have been thought most every thing and be glad to help you

We are not the only ones here. Try ringing the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555 (Mon-Fri, 9-5) and speak to one of the nurses for advice.

it does you good to have a good cry and let it out , I hope some one will be able to offer you some advice to help , we are all here to offer support where we can , take care,

Glad you found the site at last. I found it when looking for information. I type on here whenever i have a lot on my mind. We would all be here to help if you let us know what it is you need help with. I talked on here when my daughter was found to have APlastic Anemia, she has now had Stem Cell Replacement and is home and i take her twice weekly for blood test etc. I have COPD (Emphysema) and if she gets an infection then so do i. Just had two lots of anti biotics still dont think its cleared will be back at the GP Late Thursday or Friday to see what they say.

sending you and your child hugs hope we can help . XXX


I joined this site recently and agree that the people are lovely. The information they share is invaluable and the supportive responses they write help to get me through the day.

Always glad when "new" people find this site. You can really find out so much more than most Doctors could tell you plus what to ask for and lots of first hand experienced. Invaluable for me,but it doesn't have to be dull and gloomy talk as you will find there are quite a few very comical folk on here and its great to have a giggle now and then.

Just to send you and your little one lots and lots of love xxx

Arrh bless hun so sorry you are sad..wish i was your close friend...im a very good listener...chin up xxxx

Wow, so many supportive comments, Thank you! I spent so much time looking for information in the wrong place ( facebook, search engines, desperate to find answers, often scaring myself) and all my mum would say is, she will be okay, I would often feel quite infuriated as I was looking for something a bit more constructive and personal to my daughters health, I presumed my mum was the font of all knowledge and would diagnose her, even though I knew that would never be possible but I guess when your desperate you go looking for answers anywhere, ie FB. Unless you have gone through something like we are going through it's hard to advise, sympathise let alone empathise. I feel this site will be the 'hug' and the 'agony aunt' I so desperately need at the moment. Thank you once again for all the lovely comments.

Beautiful people here to support you any time day or night always 1 of us up either coughing or can't sleep due to steroids.

Don't ever feel alone

Maggie x

Hello Sarah, I am so glad you found the site too! Wishing you luck on Monday at the doctors with Lily, I believe that you will receive the help you have asked for and she will be well again, sending hugs 💜 huff x

Stumbled on HU while researching something a year or so back - have gained more knowledge re my condition than I ever got from doctors, and there is no lack of support from the kind and caring members. We really are "all in it together" and the shared information is brilliant. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

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