lung function test said I had mild copd 4 years ago had another test in sep 2015 test said it was the same as 4 years ago but other day I blew 650 on the blowy thing you have to test u breathin for ashma how can some one blow that result with copd I am 60 year old male never smoked kept fit all my life I did have low irion count when I had first spiromertry as I am a nemic could this b y the spirometry test thought I mite have copd when it was anemia and I don't have copd at all

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  • Anemia the peak flow meters do not give someone with copd a correct resulte that was told to me be one of the docts where I go I just blow in to my wife's one and it was going between 200 and 250 three times then I had to give In as out of breath as I got copd at what stage I do not know but it sounds like you will still be ably to run a marathon :) :) :) if you are not shower go see your doct or nurse and ask them to explain it to you good luck

  • that was the best result I have had it usaly between 500 and 550 but I do have ashma and I can climb 9 floors stairs by walking up and my lungs r fine just my legs go weak near the top

  • That is very good as I can not climb three stairs not unless I go up on my but and stop every so often so stairs are a no no to me

  • Ive just been looking this up and apparently yes it can cause fact reading this information makes me wonder if i am as i have all of the symptoms

    look at the symptoms

  • I have told my doctor and he said the lung function test does not lie and I have scar tissue or damage to my lungs through long term ashma I work I do get a bit breatless now and again but I have heavy job as tree surgeon carry logs but I put that down to my age 60

  • Hi guytane....60 is not old and doing the work that you do would keep you strong and fit don't put it down to your age..

    Sounds to me your doctor is right....

    What are the results of your lung function test ...was it a full LFT...I take it that it was also sprometer test.

    I thought it was standard practice to also have blood tested...

    Get the results and put them on a post...someone will help you understand it a bit more.

    Take it easy and take care.


  • 80 fv or something don't understand it my last one in sep tember he said am 5 percent better than some one else with it mild my doctor said I was borderline with mild copd

  • guytane.

    It sounds like a peak flow meter test (not spirometry, sailers). It also sound that if you do indeed have COPD you are mild and don't appear to have any breathing problems at this stage.

  • Post read he had spirometry test....

    peak flow test is just one of meny tests in a full spriromete was with me.

    I have all the results.. it's five pages ...that's a lot of information ...but dose help puts your mind at ease when you know what's is wrong with you.

    I don't know if it's the same where you guys live...I use a private hospital so have to pay for everything 😢

  • well av had it over 4 years I think it only gets worse if people still smoke after getting diagnosed as av met people who still smoke and hav copd I hav never smoked

  • y does a hiatus hernia make my chest tite when I have a meal soon as it digests my chest eases off

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