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Locked posts and GOOGLE

Hi All

This subject has been raised recently and I have found the following clarification given by HUL on Admin forum. Please see the response from HUL below:

"All posts appear on search engines, regardless of whether or not they are Community Only. However, as mentioned in this article ( posts that are Community Only have only the title and first line visible to people who are not logged in members of that community.

When accessing that post from Google, you should find that you can only see the title and first line of the post (unless you are logged in, in which case you will see everything).

Please note - if you are unhappy with this information, your concerns and/or complaints should be directed at and NOT BLF and/or the Moderating Team - thank you."

Our suggestion would be to make sure that your username does not identify you.



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There are 44 pages of post from HU covering all of the communities .

Both locked and unlocked.

The irony of one is to remind people to lock their post.

It shows title, first two lines, username and number of replies.

It ends in "see post "

That is when you are told to sign in/up, to continue reading.

I find it sad that people are advised to lock post in order to receive more replies.

A recent new member who received such advice decided to leave, reason Unknown


Thanks for that clarification, Mark. It explains something that puzzled me. I was sure that I had always used "Communtiy only" and then I was googling my somewhat complex conditions and found that there someone else with a very similar profile to me. Great, I thought, and then discovered that it WAS me. Hmmm... Bit of a let down.

Talk to myself all the time but this was going to be singularly fruitless.


K xx

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