Was driven to A&E in large vehicle with chauffeuse and assistant in attractive green livery. The scene was straight out of a disaster movie. Eight ambulances locked in because the hospital was full and their passengers had to be accommodated on ambulance gurneys. And still they came. Poor old NHS - attempted rape by Lansley, now being attempted by Hunt. Heaven help the people of this country if/when they succeed.

My question. I was prescribed a 5-day course of Salbutomol-nebuliser for the first time. Visited by respiratory team and, after 24 hours, discharged. I asked should I continue the interrupted course of Amoxi plus Prednisolone - they said "yes".

Can't help feeling that, along with the usual inhalers, this could be a steroid overload and consequences? Who's had similar combinations and survived? Or am I being paranoid?

Good weekend everyone....stay warm.

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  • Hope you are feeling better! That sounds pretty traumatic! I came for my husband who has severe Copd - as far as I know the salbutamol neb is not steroid it is just a concentrated reliever. My husband was given exactly the same treatment plan when he left hospital and now just uses the neb if he needs it. Take good care xxx

  • Hi. Well Im on that and more at the mo plus a whole boxfull of drugs for other conditions, some quite heavy stuff, and Im still here so I would say dont worry. Better to take meds than feel like you are choking to death, and exhausted with coughing etc. Copd is horrible. Prednisolone is helping with my mucous.prob. and i inhale steroids daily. Its just life. Loved your version of paramedics lol made me laugh. We could be worse off for medical help thats what i try to think. I could be laying on the floor of a refugee camp with no help. All the best anyway.

  • Hi edwardo, sounds pretty normal to me.

    Salbutamol nebs are not steroids but a reliever.

    By taking Salbutamol by nebuliser you're getting the drug into your lungs in more concentration.

    The steroids will help open up the airways & you will only take them for a few days.

    The amoxicillin is an antibiotic used to treat chest infections usually for 7 days or more if needed.

    If you take the meds prescribed I'm sure you'll feel better in a few days.

    Let us know how you get on 🌻

  • If you stick to the recommended amount nebuliser every 4 hour or less depending on how you feel and with the abs and steroids you should be okay take care and let us know how you get on

  • Thank you friends. May I dignify my existence by referring to you as "friends"? Your responses are so "companionable" that it stirs a responding emotion in this shrivelled, grizzled ole heart. Sincerely, thank you. x

  • I have COPD and Emphysema and have the combination you describe daily with no unpleasant side effects.

  • Te only thing i can comment on, is that Salbutamol/Ventolin can raise heart rate/ antibiotics plus steroids are a standard meds for COPD, with inhalers and Nebuliser for more severe exacerbations.

    Your system soon gets used to the dosage though...when I put in my prescription I take the shopping trolley and leave with half the pharmacy he he !!

    Also, high concentration of Salbutamol can cause muscle cramps, mine usually come at night for no apparent reason. I also found that prednisolone can cause lower back pain; I was on 6 5mg tabs daily, but after getting back pain I talked to the respiratory nurse ( who then refereed to the GP ) and they lowered the dose to 4 5mg tabs, with no back pain. I must also add I am on Atrovent nebules, another muscle relaxant .

    On a similar note, make sure you have standby meds of antibiotics and steroids handy just in case of a flare up....this can often save the green liveried chauffeuse and a long wait in A&E's frantic but hallowed cubicles...and arterial blood sampling is a pain I can do without !!!

    Keep warm and well in this cold snap in the meantime people.

  • Thanks Toerag (are you one? Refuse to believe it). Out of dock after 24 hours. Had a home visit by Resp Team today. Conclusion: complete current meds course (1 more day) then back in the old routine. Feeling much better both physically and psychologically. Have had occasional hand cramps plus tremors - needed two hands to lift tea cup. Oddly, don't have the same problem if its a wine glass. Will be equipped with standbys (including nebs) so no panic there.

    The disaster scenario at the hospital was continuing as I left. Let the next honours list be made up solely of hospital medical staff members! And tell that berk Hunt ...(I hate the "c" word but in this context the rhyming slang fits)... to get off the pot and agree to a reasonable compromise.

    I'm a "floating" voter but I beg everyone, please, please don't let us have this gang back in again....ever!

  • Hahaha - James McNaughtie or John Humpfreys, not sure which, called Jeremy H Jeremy C*** by mistake on Radio 4's Today a while back. Hysterical :D He was very embarrassed.

    Heartily agree, the Tories are doing their best to wreck the NHS. They mustn't get in again.

    Hope you keep improving Edwardo. :)

  • Thanks OTT (? nah not really!). How about a new group....BBB? Better Breathing Buddies.

    Take care,


  • Totally agree edwardo, the honours system as it stands stinks! I'm pleased you're feeling better & have the reassurance of a "rescue pack". Take care of yourself.

  • Hello edwardo,,,,,,what a terrible situation our beloved nhs is going through,,,,,,those who have private health care,,,don't care about those of us who need the nhs,,,,,

    If you cannot speak with your gp,,or specialist then maybe your pharmacist could help you about the possible steroid overload,,,,, I would be worried also if I had many different types to take and then resume on an interrupted course,,,, take care from Karen.

  • Thanks Karen. I've been copd for about 12 years and this was only my second heavy breathing ride in the yellow van with the jolly green giants (bless their nylon tabards) so I count myself fairly fortunate.

    As you can see from the above things are fast getting back to ...er ...normal? Being equipped with standbys (inc nebs) so feeling more secure.

    Don't know whether you support the Reds but Saturday was a disappointment (and I'm a Chelsea fan). I thought they might do it but then came the dreaded Roon Boot...

    Look after yourself Karen

    Ted x

  • Chelsea?? Seriously??? Oh my lord :( :(

  • Sorry Ted, my partner says my post was NOT ok. No offence meant. The main reason Im am against Chelsea is that someone i dislike intensely because she shafted a close friend supports them. Logical? Of course not.

  • I meant Chelsea Boys Youth Club in Surbiton. Better?

  • Defo :)

  • Sorry to hear that Edwards. I was taken to A&E by two very young attractive ladies. Straight off Ambulance, short wait for triage then straight through to A&E. Saw Nurse immediately. Doctor took longer.


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